Horse Riding Shine Conditioner for Horse and Pony 150 ml

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    Size : 150ml
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Product benefits -
  1. Hypoallergenic
    Respects the pH of the horse's skin.
  2. Tactile efficiency
    2-in-1 effect: detangles and makes the horse's hair shine for up to 3 days.
Product feature
  1. Instructions for use:
    For optimal use, we recommend shampooing the mane before the first use. Allow mane to dry before applying the detangler. Wait for hair to dry completely before brushing. Repeat every 3 days to prevent the mane and tail from picking up dust and straw and tangling.
  2. Care advice
    Use within 12 months of opening.
Product testing
  1. Storage advice
    Store upright to limit the risk of leaks. Store at room temperature.
  2. Product restrictions
    Do not spray towards eyes or nostrils.
  3. Product information
    Stops you pulling out hair.Makes mane & tail soft.