Kiprun Trail XT5 waterproof Men's Trail Running Shoes - black

€ 85.00

Designed for Trail and Ultra Trail runners, for training or racing in cold weather, snow, rain or mud.

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Product benefits Designed for Trail and Ultra Trail runners, for training or racing in cold weather, snow, rain or mud.
  1. Traction
    5 mm lugs, spaced out to enhance grip and prevent mud clogging.
  2. Waterproof
    Entire shoe is lined with a waterproof membrane.
  3. Cushioning
    K-ring® cushioning technology in heel, In'Up® in forefoot.
  4. Fit
    Insert in the midfoot and web of thermobonded strips in the forefoot.
  5. Stability
    Arkstab® technology for improved foot stability while running.
  6. Foot motion
    Bipron technology, fatigue support enhancing pronation control.
  7. Visibility
    Reflective markings on the front and back.
Product feature
  1. Weight
    395g in size 8½.
  2. Sizes
    From 7 to 12.5.
  3. Waterproofing
    Breathable, waterproof Novadry® membrane and tongue gusset keeps these shoes waterproof.
  4. Drop
    10 mm height difference between front of sole and back
  5. Pocket for laces
    The tongue pocket is used to store laces so they don't get caught in vegetation or come undone.
  6. Colour
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Mesh and synthetic upper, EVA foam midsole, carbon rubber outsole.
  2. Storage advice
    Use some newspaper to remove any excess moisture between running sessions.
  3. Cleaning advice
    Do not machine wash or tumble dry. Clean with a soft brush and slightly soapy water, then leave to air dry. You can remove the insole to speed up drying.
  4. Product restrictions
    Not suitable for hyper-pronators or under-pronators.
  5. Product information
    Keep your feet dry thanks to the waterproof membrane while maintaining the grip, cushioning and support properties of the Kiprun trail XT5.
  6. Lab tested
    This shoe has been tested on a broad range of terrains. The kiprun Trail XT5 waterproof was particularly appreciated for its excellent grip, comfort and cushioning.