Land 100 low hunting boots - brown

€ 17.00

Designed for lowland hunting in dry conditions. Suitable for fishing and observing nature.

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    Size : UK 8.5 - EU 43
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Product benefits Designed for lowland hunting in dry conditions. Suitable for fishing and observing nature.
  1. Durability
    Fabric, reinforcements, seams + laces very resistant to harsh environments.
  2. Abrasion resistance
    100% rubber sole provides excellent resistance to wear.
  3. Water repellent
    Water repellent materials: The boot does not absorb water in a light shower.
Product feature
    Hunting boots designed to withstand regular use in all types of abrasive vegetation. The outer materials are laboratory tested for their resistance to abrasion, tearing and scuffing. Reinforced stone-guard all around the lower half of the boot: front, back and sides. Metal lace eyelets and hooks. The durability of the seams and assemblies are passed following lab and field testing. 100% rubber sole that provides excellent long-term abrasion resistance
  2. Grip
    Deep, wide lugs in the soles (like in the tyres of a farm vehicle) ensure excellent traction out in the fields, on soil or mud... Front and rear sections of sole are cut into 'steps' for even better grip. Bevelled lugs, that are sufficiently well spaced out to allow soil and mud to fall off when walking or by banging the soles together at the end of an outing.
    All fabrics and materials had a 'water repellent' treatment: to reduce water absorption, keep your feet dry in light rain or walking through the early morning dew, and help your boots dry quickly. However, this particular model doesn't have a waterproof membrane: this product is not designed to protect you from persistent rain, or from walking through tall, wet vegetation for hours.
    Breathable mesh inner, lined in thin, light foam, combining comfort and breathability. 900 denier polyester outer fabric that's breathable and very hard-wearing. 5 mm thick detachable foam inner-sole for greater cushioning under the foot. Metal lace eyelets for quick and easy lacing up, very well spaced to limit wear to the lace. Gusseted tongue to keep vegetation, soil, sand etc out.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    100% rubber sole. Upper made of 900D polyester and synthetic, durable, water-repellent materials. Metal lace eyelets and hooks. Polyester lining. Durable, water-repellent polyester laces.
  2. Cleaning advice
    Clean with a brush or machine wash at 30°C.
  3. Product information
    Durable, comfortable and water repellent, boot.
  4. Lab tested
    All our SOLOGNAC boots are user tested under diverse hunting conditions, and especially in rugged vegetation such as brambles.