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Designed for freshwater carp fishing.

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Product benefits Designed for freshwater carp fishing.
  1. Abrasion resistance
    With anti-abrasion treatment to reduce cutting on snags
  2. Breaking resistance
    This line has a high breaking strain to diameter ratio.
  3. Stretch
    This line has good stretch for absorbing head shaking.
  4. Visibility
    The camouflage finish makes it difficult to see on the bottom.
  5. Distance
    Its perfectly smooth surface increases casting distance.
Product feature
    - ABRASION CAMO GREY spool 1000 m. 100% polyamide with an innovative surface treatment. - Breaking strain by diameter: Breaking strain shown on the spool complies with the EFTTA charter. Ø 0.30 mm - 6 kg - 13.23 Lbs: Ø 0.35 mm - 7.8 kg - 17.2 Lbs: Ø 0.40 mm - 9.7 kg - 21.38 Lbs Please note: The breaking strain of the line shown on the spool does not correspond to the weight limit of carp that you can fish. - Colour: Camo green - Capacity: 1000 m
  2. Why use this line?
    This is the best, most versatile line. It's perfect if you fish in clear areas. Its best feature is its ability to stretch. This stretch gives it a great feel when battling a carp and reduces the risk of unhooking. It also promotes gentle bridling of the fish. Your line can lose resistance with time and use. Always check its condition at the end of each fishing season.
  3. How can you assess resistance by line weight?
    This corresponds to the pull needed to break the line. For example, if you suspend 10 kg on a 9 kg line, it will break. That said, a 10 kg line will not necessarily break on a 15 kg fish. Water holds the fish, reducing its weight on the line. However when it pulls on the line it can exert a force greater than its weight and break it.
  4. How to assess the line's diameter?
    It is expressed in hundredths of a millimetre. This means a 35/100 line is a line with a diameter of 0.35 mm. The greater the diameter, the more resistant the line will be to carp, but it also makes it less discreet and flexible. Reducing the line diameter allows you to increase casting distance and get more length in your reel.
  5. How should you fill your line reel?
    Step 1: Open the pick-up then attach the line to the spool with a simple double knot. Step 2: after closing the pick-up, turn the crank to wind the line while keeping it tight in a cloth. We recommend you place the spool in a tub of water to reduce the risk of kinking. Step 3: fill the spool to the limit leaving a 1 to 2 mm margin, then cut the line. The reel is ready
  6. TIP
    If you wish to use a braid on the main line, you can save some by attaching a few meters of line before installing the braid. For example, for a spool with a 500 m capacity, you can put in 200 m of line and 300 m of braid, attaching them with a knot. This optimises the spool fill. This rig also prevents the braid rotating in the spool.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main fabric : 100.0% Polyamide (PA)
  2. Storage advice
    Store away from light (UV) and moisture.
  3. Product information
    This very abrasion-resistant line is suited to all types of fishing in busy and abrasive areas (branches, rocks...). It can be launched further and gives less resistance to the current.
  4. Lab tested
    Our lines have been tested in a laboratory for their linear resistance and resistance to abrasion. We confirmed these tests in real-life fishing situations over several months.