Long Sleeve Hunting Shirt 100 green

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Product benefits
  1. Softness
    Napped component with 70% organic cotton for softness (density: 130 g/sqm)
  2. Moisture management
    Fabric with 30% polyester for breathability and fast drying.
  3. Freedom of movement
    Loose fit, dorsal gusset, and wide armholes for more freedom.
Product feature
  1. Organic cotton: The main component of this shirt
    Whether before, during, or after the hunt, wearing this shirt is always pleasant. In addition to providing an elegant look, it also makes it easy to adapt to climatic conditions: It has long sleeves in slightly cool and windy weather, or short-sleeved buttons undone in case of heat. The fabric of this model consists of 70% organic cotton and 30% polyester. It is comfortable to wear in dry weather: its density of 130g/m² makes it a very suitable garment for hunting.
  2. Other features of this timeless garment
    Specifically, this green long-sleeved shirt features a button-down collar, chest pocket, and button cuffs. Its napped component, that is to say slightly scraped, provides more softness when in contact with the skin. Worn alone or under a hunting vest for example, you can hunt without constraint. It allows shouldering you gun, tracking your game, and firing without hindrance. In addition, its components promote fast drying and allow perspiration to escape.
  3. The little something extra to this shirt
    It is so unpleasant, when kneeling down or bending over, to have your lower back uncovered because your shirt pulls out of your pants! Thanks to the longer rear shirt-tail on this model, you can bend over and kneel without any problem: Our designers and textile engineers thought of this trick so that your hunting shirt stays in place despite any movements you may make. Thus, no more wind and cold air blowing on your lower back!
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main fabric : 70.0% Cotton, Main fabric : 30.0% Polyester (PES)
  2. Product information
    Suitable for active hunting thanks to its cotton and polyester component. This shirt dries quickly, allowing an optimal evacuation of perspiration. Thus you get the most out of your outing.