Mountaineering ice axe - NAJA LIGHT MARTEAU

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    Size : 54 CM
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Product benefits
  1. Traction
    Laser machined banana-shaped pick; Sharpened pick and teeth.
  2. Versatility
    Shaped for use as a hammer, walking ice axe or as temporary ice tool
  3. Lightweight
    480 g (54 cm)
  4. Ergonomic grip
    Shaft with hand rest and good head handling grip.
  5. Ultra light (aluminium shaft);        480 g in 54 cm -
    Ultra light (aluminium shaft); 480 g in 54 cm -
  6. Ergonomic grip with hand rest and hooking surface for planting pitons
    Ease of use
    Ergonomic grip with hand rest and hooking surface for planting pitons
Product feature
  1. Pick:
    - Hardened steel banana shaped pick, effective in packed snow and ice. - Laser machining; sharpened teeth and tip give you pin point accuracy. - Rust resistant surface treatment.
  2. Handle:
    - Lower handle grip gives you traction without taking away handling. - Light overhang and the bottom of the handle for short use as a traction ice axe (crossing a bergschrund or steep passage), while still providing good snow penetration.
  3. Spike:
    - Steel spike for using as a walking ice axe. - Rust resistant surface treatment.
  4. Hammer:
    Hammer with large strike surface area, for effectively hammering in ice screws.
  5. Size:
  6. Stds/Certif:
    CE, EN13089, UIAA, Type 1
  7. Stds / Certif.
    CE, EN13089, UIAA, Type 1
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Structure : 60.0% Aluminium, 40.0% Steel
  2. Approved by
    Team Simond mountaineers and guides
  3. Storage advice
    In a ventilated and dry place
  4. Cleaning advice
    Rinse with water and dry after use
  5. Product restrictions
    This hammer is not suitable for making artificial routes
  6. Product information
    Technical, light and precise ice axe hammer. Banana shape pick gives you a better hold. Effective for traction technique. Precise hooking surface. Carving shaft for greater precision,