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Product benefits
  1. Easy assembly / dismantling
    Simple pitching with poles and guy ropes to draw the structure tight.
  2. Capacity
    Creates up to 8 sqm of protected surface, depending on how it is set.
  3. Easy transport
    Size of the bag 39x11cm. Weight 2.6 kg or 1 kg without the poles.
  4. Sun protection
    The fabric filters UV rays with a UPF of 50+.
  5. Heat reduction
    The exclusive Fresh fabric reduces the warmth felt when exposed to the sun.
  6. Waterproof
    Protects from the wind, sun and rain (PU-coated canvas, taped seams).
Product feature
  1. Easy use
    Numerous possibilities for protecting yourself according to your needs: wide umbrella shape, wide parasol shape, tent shape, screen shape, shelter shape... The 2 poles that come with this tarp enable you to create all shapes . You can make these shapes with hiking poles, for example.
  2. Heat reduction
    Exclusive and patented flysheet: clearly reduces the heat experienced in a tent in direct sunlight, thanks to the reflective and low emissive properties.
  3. Sun protection
    The Ti0²-coated fabric has a UPF of 50 +. Please note: Substantial amounts of UV rays can enter through the sides. Protect your skin with sun cream.
  4. Waterproofing
    Waterproof polyurethane-coated polyester fabric - Waterproofed central seam with thermobonded strip.
  5. Resistance to wind
    The poles are in 16 mm galvanised steel. The pegs are also made of 5mm galvanised steel for good twisting resistance.
  6. Warranty / After-sales service
    As designers and users who love our field, we care about the durability of our products, which is why all our tents are designed to be repairable. Spare parts and pole repairs are available from your Decathlon workshop or on our website, at the following address: If you encounter a problem, have your tent looked at in your nearest Decathlon shop.
  7. The product contains:
    - 1 waterproof tarpaulin - 2 poles with 5 sections - 4 guy ropes - 1 bag
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Pole : 100.0% Steel Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES)
  2. Storage advice
    Storage – after use or cleaning, dry the tent thoroughly before storing to prevent any odour or mould from developing.
  3. Cleaning advice
    1 CLEANING - if required, the tarp can be cleaned using soapy water and after rinsing it carefully (hosing off possible). Then needs to be dried fully. 2 RESIN MARKS - …very difficult to remove: once dry, scratch it (delicately) while putting an ice cube
  4. Product restrictions
    UV rays can enter through opening (reflection on light floor).
  5. Product information
    A tarp can be used for many different purposes such as creating or enlarging the living area of a tent. Tarp Fresh allows you to reduce the heat from full exposure to the sun and protects against UV.
  6. Lab tested
    Our design team conceives, designs and creates all of our Quechua products at the foot of Mont Blanc, in France. We test them in the field with other campers, to check their comfort and durability. From Brittany to Corsica, we go to as many places as poss