Nahia women's customisable tie bikini briefs - Black

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Designed for recreational water sports use.

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    Size : UK 14 - EU 42
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Product benefits Designed for recreational water sports use.
  1. Stability
    Reinforced elastic edges for a better hold and fit.
  2. Coverage
    Low coverage. High-cut briefs that make your legs look longer.
  3. Quick drying
    Polymer-based composition, making it quick to dry
  4. Customisation
    Side ties can be changed to create your own style. Choose from 26 ties.
Product feature
  1. Personalise your swimsuit!
    Because we all want to wear a unique swimsuit, Tribord has created Nahia, the swimsuit that can be personalised with its ties. With more than 26 kits of coloured and trendy printed ties, you can change them every day next summer! Select your top, your bottom and then your ties. One kit contains four ties: two for the top and two for the bottom. Enjoy an infinite selection of combinations.
  2. Body shape
    Tie side briefs, along with the sliding triangle top, make up the two essential elements of a bikini! They are a summer wardrobe must-have. Thanks to the high-cut leg at the tops of the thighs, they make your legs look longer. Contrary to popular belief, all women can wear them, provided you are comfortable with your body and particularly your stomach, because they are rather low-rise bikini bottoms. The side ties can be tightened and they ensure the briefs stay in place in the water.
  3. Dry sizing and wet sizing
    To ensure a perfect fit in the water, it is important to choose the right size while you are dry because once they are in the water, swimsuits become looser. We therefore recommend you buy the correct size. The swimsuit needs to fit snugly against your body in the fitting room: you should feel supported. The elastane contained in certain components used in the design of our swimsuits softens and relaxes in the water.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    80% polyamide and 20% elastane women's swimsuit.
  2. Cleaning advice
    Wash your swimsuit after purchase. Then rinse in fresh water after each use. If you want to machine wash your swimsuit, wash at 30°C with very little detergent and no fabric conditioner.
  3. Product restrictions
    Not recommended for regular use in a chlorinated environment.
  4. Product information
    Women's high-cut knotted swimsuit bottoms with customisable side ties (26 ties available, sold separately). Finished with elasticated edges. Skimpy cut that makes your legs look longer.
  5. Lab tested
    This product has been tested in use in Hendaye and has been subjected to numerous laboratory tests to guarantee the quality of use for which it was designed: tests on the elasticity and stability of the fabric, colour fastness during rubbing, washing, exp