Non-slip adhesive pads for snowboards.

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Product benefits
  1. Traction
    Structures with contours for maximum grip of the shoe on the pad.
  2. Grip
    3M Scotch tape for a very good bond between the pad and the board.
  3. Grip
    Non-slip material so that the boot does not slip on the pad.
Product feature
  1. Advice on gluing the pad to the board
    It is important that you take 4 minutes to stick the pad down properly. 1. Before gluing, clean the board well with a damp sponge and soap or dish soap to degrease it. 2. Rinse thoroughly to remove any soap. 3. Dry with a cloth. 4. Stick the pads where you want them, near the rear binding.
  2. Choice of the position of the pads
    Place the 4 pads where you will put your foot when you take the chairlift. Before gluing, think about simulating a chairlift ride to find the area where your back foot is to be positioned. Caution! Do not glue the pads within 4 cm of the screw inserts, otherwise you will no longer benefit from the maximum setting of the bindings.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main part : 100.0% PVC
  2. Product information
    These non-slip, adhesive pads can be stuck quickly and will not move thanks to the 3M glue. Your foot clings to the board without slipping thanks to the textured surface and the rubbery type material.