Orange 11-15 kg Baby Seat Ring with window and handles

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Designed for babies from 11 to 15 kg discovering the water.

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Product benefits Designed for babies from 11 to 15 kg discovering the water.
  1. User comfort
    Seat with smooth inner seams for extra comfort in the seat.
  2. Stability
    Three independent inflation chambers provide great stability on the water.
  3. Visual efficiency
    The inflatable baby seat ring comes with a window so child can look underwater
  4. Ease of handling
    Handles enable parents to guide child in his discovery.
Product feature
  1. Learning to Swim encourages the psychomotor development of young children.
    Nabaiji offers 3 experiences: Discovering the water, Discovering swimming and Discovering underwater. The baby seat swim ring is part of the "Discovering the water" experience: The child discovers the water environment and needs buoyancy to help him gain confidence in this new environment. Sitting comfortably in their seat ring and led by an adult, the child will enjoy moving around in the water and observe what is happening under the water thanks to the window.
  2. Product weight
    About 690 g
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main fabric : 100.0% Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) - Phtalate free
  2. Approved by
    from independent laboratories
  3. Storage advice
    Store in a dry, ventilated place away from direct light
  4. Cleaning advice
    Rinse inflatable baby seat ring with clean water and leave to dry after each use
  5. Product restrictions
    To be used under adult supervision. Do not overinflate.
  6. Product information
    The swim ring seat is designed to allow discovery of the water in a fun and completely safe way. Once in the seat, the baby is led by an adult by the handles and can observe the water with the window.
  7. Lab tested
    Nabaiji’s seat swim rings comply with buoyancy standard for learning to swim, EN 13138-3,