Pop Up Dog Bowl

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    Size : 2l
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Product benefits -
  1. Compact design
    You can fold and carry this bowl anywhere you go.
Product feature
  1. A light and stiff bowl
    Whether you're travelling long distances by car or train with your dog, or whether your helper is chasing a pheasant, woodcock or boar, it isn't always easy to give him food and water. But thanks to this flexible bowl, you can hydrate and feed your assistant anytime, anywhere. This way, your pet no longer has to wait until you get home to eat some kibbles and get hydrated.
  2. What makes this accessory so handy?
    With a 2-litre capacity, this flexible folding bowl made of 100% polyester is 21cm in diameter and 10cm deep. It folds and unfolds for convenient storage anywhere, such as a bag. Easy to use, easy to clean and lightweight (barely 60g), it comes in handy when your dog needs to drink during an intense hunt or when temperatures are high.
  3. Take this bowl everywhere you go
    Strong and stiff enough to contain water, this bowl can easily replace large aluminium bowls when you leave for a long trip or journey with your companion. Note that the pop up bowl can also be used for your cat!
Product testing
  1. Composition
  2. Product information
    Supple and ultra-compact dog bowl.