If you have purchased the following You bought the following product SWIMMING SNORKEL ARENA SNORKEL PRO BLACK in our Decathlon stores, since the beginning of the year 2020, you are concerned by this information.

We ask you to stop using this product.

Brand: ARENA.
Product reference: 865547.


As part as quality process, the teams of ARENA brand identified a potential risk: detachment of a small piece of material from inside the tube of the snorkel.

This very random phenomenon only occurs in very rare cases, however the brand wishes, as a preventive measure, not to take any risk concerning the safety of our users and provides a procedure of exchanging potentially defectives tubes.

Please contact the service set up by ARENA brand dedicated do this recall:
Website adress:
Or email support:
For any more informations you can also consult the brand website :

The Decathlon and Arena teams thanks you for your understanding and are at your disposal.

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