R'Gomoove Set

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Designed for SNORKELLERS from 10 years. Fins, mask and snorkel set sold with shoulder bag.

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Product benefits
  1. Ease of use
    Ease of use
    The offset blade makes it easier to fin on the surface.
  2. Water drainage
    Any water in the snorkel is easily expelled through the valve at the bottom.
  3. Anatomic design
    Hypoallergenic silicone skirt for comfort and seal.
  4. User comfort
    User comfort
    Rip-tab fastener to adjust the tightness of the foot pocket on the foot.
  5. Waterproof
    Wave guard at the top of the snorkel to limit water entering the tube.
  • Sizes
    from Jr 2/2½ to adult 11½/12½
  • Colour
  • Weight
    1.2 kg in size 7/7½.
Product feature
  1. Tempered glass lenses
    Tempered glass is two to five times more durable than traditional glass. When it shatters, it breaks into small pieces, reducing the risk of a major accident.
  2. Silicone
    Silicone is an extremely flexible and hypoallergenic material. A silicone skirt fits flexibly to the contours of the face, creating a watertight seal. On the mouthpiece, it provides increased mouth comfort.
  3. Valve
    Water can enter the snorkel during your snorkelling sessions (surface splashes, immersion). The valve located at the bottom of the snorkel makes it easier to expel water. Most of the water is drained from the bottom, which means the user does not have to blow out so hard (unlike a conventional snorkel where the water is drained from the top).
  4. How to use the valve
    Simply blow out gently to empty the snorkel through the valve. After breathing out, be careful when you breathe back in; inhale slowly as some residual water can remain in the snorkel.When in doubt, do not panic: raise your head out of the water and the snorkel will empty itself instantly through the valve.High-speed intensive swimming is not recommended as it can move the valve and cause water to enter.
  5. Valve maintenance
    Sand or salt may become jammed between the valve and the hard part of the snorkel.This prevents the valve from lying flat, so it is no longer watertight. In this case, simply rinse the snorkel thoroughly with clean water and check that the valve lays flat.
  6. Snorkel tube
    The size and volume of the snorkel are adapted to adult breathing.
  7. Mouthpiece
    The part of the snorkel that is placed in the mouth.Its specially designed shape makes it one of the most comfortable snorkels for your mouth.
  8. Wave guard
    The tube at the top of the snorkel is curved to prevent water from entering the snorkel.In this way, it limits water entry through the top of the snorkel.
  9. Foot pocket
    The part of the fin where the foot is placed. It can be completely closed, like in full-foot fins, or open with an adjustable strap, like in adjustable fins.
  10. Offset blade
    The blade is slightly raised above the foot, unlike most fins, in which it is in the elongation of the foot. The resulting angle, achieved through innovative research and design, offers less resistance when finning on the surface.
  11. Storing your fins
    A little tip: both fins can be clipped together (clips on the toe of each fin) to make carrying easier.
  12. 0% PVC
    This product contains no PVC.
  13. Accreditation
    Mask and snorkel certified compliant with safety requirements according to European EN 250 and 1972 standards. Certified by the INPP (French professional diving institute).
  14. Dimensions of the set (size EU 42/43)
    Length: 68 cm. Width: 30 cm. Thickness: 12cm.
  15. Weight of the set (size EU 42/43)
    1.3 kg.
  16. What is the SUBEA brand?
    Tribord Diving is now called SUBEA, the Decathlon brand dedicated to underwater sports (snorkelling, scuba diving, spearfishing and free-diving). The markings on all our diving products will gradually be replaced. Why SUBEA? Because: "SUBaquatic Experiences are Amazing"!For more information: www.subea.com
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Mask: Silicone skirt, polyamide buckle, ABS or polycarbonate strap. Snorkel: polypropylene tube, polycarbonate body, silicone mouthpiece and hose. Fins: SEBS foot pocket, polypropylene blade.
  2. Storage advice
    Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight.
  3. Product restrictions
    Do not dive head first. Not recommended for scuba diving
  4. Product catchline
    Comfort set for easy kicking!
Product reviews
4.08 / 5
85 reviews
68 users recommend this product
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  • mask leaks, fins not great

    Julian (United Kingdom)
    Used for 1 week or less
    bought three different types of masks for our holiday and this was by far the worst. it leaked immediately which could not be rectified - the mask is also really small for an adult mask. the fins immediately gave 3 people a cramp in the back of the knee which is odd, all have used fins before without problem. the by far best mask is the one we bought from a diving shop for £25. if the mask is for messing around in the pool, this one will probably do. If you’re planning to go in the sea and see some fish, do yourself a favour and buy a proper one.
  • Mask & Snorkel-yes, Fins- no

    Carlos (Philippines)
    Used for 1 week or less
    I have been snorkelling since 1976. We live near the sea in the Visayas.
    The mask and snorkel are excellent. Pity the mask does not have a purge valve like masks of years past. It would have been easier to clear the mist inside.
    The fins is another matter. They are too stiff and yes, they cause cramps if forced. I went back to using my old fins.
    Based on the prices of this catalogue, the mask and snorkel will cost only Php520 total. So for the Php1800 price of the set, Php1,280 is the cost of the fins which is quite stiff too especially if you cannot use it.
    I recommend the mask and snorkel; not the fins.
  • Compra complicada

    oscar (Spain)
    Used for 2 to 8 weeks
    Me costo encontrar un kit completo en la estantería, y una vez que encontré uno, cual fue mi sorpresa, cuando una vez estrenado en la playa, me doy cuenta que falta la goma de sujección del tubo a las gafas. Por lo demás, buena calidad y cumple con su cometido.
    Response of the brand
    Buenas tardes Oscar, muchas gracias por confiar en Decathlon, lamentamos tu mala experiencia con el kit Rgomoove.

    En el kit debería venir incluído un clip de sujección para el tubo, si no es así  debe de tratarse de un error en la fabricación, o se ha extraviado.
    Te animo a que pases por tu tienda más cercana y les comentes el problema, ellos te podrán ayudar, dándote un clip que se vende por separado, igual al que trae el kit, o incluso otro tubo.

    Quedo a tu disposición para cualquier otra duda o sugerencia, saludos.

    Antonio Ayoze Monzón, Vendedor técnico de submarinismo.
    oscar was satisfied with this answer
  • muy ajustable

    Luis Miguel (Spain)
    Used for 2 to 8 weeks
    Me ha gustado mucho como se ajusta las aletas y las gafas sin problemas de que me entren agua y poder disfrutar del día con el producto.
  • Bien relación calidad precio

    Manuel (Spain)
    Used for 2 to 8 weeks
    La relación calidad/precio está bien, la he usado poco, primero compré uno más barato y era malisimo, después la cambié por esta y no tiene nada que ver, mucho mejor.
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