R100 Size 4 Tiki Beach Rugby Ball - Red/Green

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Designed for for children learning to play rugby and adults to have fun.

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    Size : 4
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Product benefits Designed for for children learning to play rugby and adults to have fun.
  1. ball touch
    The "foamy" material is comfy to catch.
  2. Grip
    The shape and embossed feel provide a flexible grip.
  3. Lightweight
    This ball is made from one single layer to make it lighter.
Product feature
  1. Beach rugby: a hot summer sport.
    As its name suggests, beach rugby is done on the beach. Two teams of five players - often mixed sex - compete on a pitch measuring 40 x 35 m. It can be played in two ways: with or without contact. It is similar to rugby but with simplified rules: no line-outs, no scrums, and quick restarts. You'll train your running, dexterity and team spirit in a holiday setting!
  2. The R100 Beach Tiki is inspired by Maori artwork!
    For this range of balls, we went for an innovative design inspired by Maori artwork. These groups of Polynesian peoples are the symbol of rugby in the southern hemisphere, particularly the famous All Blacks. We wanted to pay homage to them by recreating a legendary design, the Tiki, depicting a stylised human form.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    60% PVC, 5% polyester, 35% rubber
  2. Storage advice
    Store in a dry place, away from the damp.
  3. Product restrictions
    Use at the beach but not in the water.
  4. Product information
    This versatile ball allows youngster to learn rugby and adults to have fun.