Raincoastal Women's Warm, Windproof and Waterproof Jacket - Dark Blue

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Designed for recreational sailors yachting or motor boating, looking for an effective jacket offering protection from the cold and bad weather.

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Product benefits Designed for recreational sailors yachting or motor boating, looking for an effective jacket offering protection from the cold and bad weather.
  1. Waterproof
    Tested under 4 hours of simulated rain. Fully taped seams.
  2. Warmth
    Jacket, pockets and hood lined with wadding. Adjustable hood.
  3. Windproof
    High neck and coated fabric to cut the windchill effect.
  4. Pockets
    2 zipped hand warmer pockets. One closed inside pocket.
  5. Water repellent
    Specially treated so water slides off the fabric surface.
  6. Resistance to salt water
    Materials and zips resistant to salt water and sea air.
  7. Durability
    Waterproof, durable component and insulating construction.
  8. B rating - Comparison: women's warm waterproof jacket - technical info details
    Environmental impact
    B rating - Comparison: women's warm waterproof jacket - technical info details
Product feature
  1. Waterproofing:
    The exclusive Novadry component is guaranteed to keep you dry even under heavy rain. In the rain simulator, the oilskin spent 4 hours under the equivalent of a 100 L/hr/sqm shower without the tiniest drop getting through the product. The component's waterproofing is guaranteed to withstand more than 4,000 mm of water pressure. All seams are fully taped.
  2. Hood:
    The warm quilted hood has an adjustable elastic cord and two self-locking eyelets to protect you from bad weather. The preformed hood with an elasticated drawstring offers excellent visibility.
  3. Hand warmer pockets:
    Two big zipped hand-warmer pockets keep your hands warm, protect them from the wind and rain, and keep your accessories safe.
  4. Wrist adjustment:
    The cuffs have rip tabs so that you can adjust the fit at the wrist and prevent air and water from getting inside.
  5. Jacket fastening:
    The injection-moulded plastic front and pocket zips are oxidation-resistant, thanks to the special shape of the teeth. There is also a zip flap with drainage for optimum waterproofing.
  6. What is a waterproofing test or "shower test"?
    Approved test in which your 100 warm oilskin is placed under a shower simulating different weather conditions. All our products are certified 100% waterproof having been tested for 4+ hours in rain of 100 L/hr/sqm to 450 L/hr/sqm depending on the product use.
  7. Water repellent component:
    Water repellency is achieved through a treatment applied to the outside of your 100 warm oilskin. This treatment causes water to slide over the surface of the fabric without soaking in. This prevents the component from swelling, and keeps it lightweight and warm. This treatment must be renewed throughout the garment's lifetime. Water-repellent treatment products are available in our stores.
  8. How important is windproofing?
    Protection from the wind is critical, as wind can chill the body significantly whether you are active or at rest. According to the windchill model, which measures how the air temperature feels when factoring in the wind and cold: at a temperature of 5°C, combined with winds of 30 km/h, the temperature felt will be 0°C. If the air temperature is 0°C and wind speed is 40 km/h, the temperature felt will be -7°C. Your 100 warm oilskin blocks the windchill effect.
  9. What is the Clo index?
    The clo is the scale that measures the thermal resistance of your 100 warm oilskin. During the test, your technical garment's component is exposed to a temperature close to body temperature and a controlled outside temperature. The clo index reflects the ability of the jacket to retain your body heat inside the garment. The greater the clo index, the better the technical component will retain your body heat.
  10. Score to compare the environmental impact of products
    The environmental impact of the product is calculated over its entire life cycle and with different indicators. An overall score (ABCDE) is attributed to help you easily identify the products with the best environmental performance by comparing products of the same type with one another (T-shirts, trousers, backpacks, etc.). Decathlon chose to apply this voluntary environmental labelling scheme. Explanatory video: https://youtu.be/8t63KkRwn_8 sustainability.decathlon.com
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Outer fabric : 100.0% Polyamide (PA) Padding : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Main lining : 100.0% Polyamide (PA) Secondary lining : 100.0% Polyester (PES)
  2. Storage advice
    Store in a dry place, but do not leave NOVADRY® garments on a heat source such as a radiator, as this may damage the coating.
  3. Cleaning advice
    Machine wash your women's warm Raincoastal waterproof jacket at 30°C, inside out with the velcro fastened and without fabric conditioner. Choose a long rinse and gentle spin cycle. Line dry if possible. Occasional tumble drying on low for a short period o
  4. Product information
    This warm sailing jacket, a restyled oilskin with a waterproof and flexible component will protect you from the rain, cold and wind.
  5. Lab tested
    Novadry re-creates storm conditions in its weather simulator. In these conditions, after a 4-hour rain shower (100 L/hour/sqm), our Raincoastal W warm still kept the user dry.