Renfort 500 hunting gloves

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Product benefits
  1. Wild vegetation resistance
    These 100% leather gloves guarantee optimal protection against vegetation.
  2. Ease of use
    The fit and the finger opening system enable you to shoot with these gloves.
Product feature
  1. Leather gloves for better hand protection
    100% cow leather, these gloves provide the durability that all woodcock hunters need. When walking behind your dog in overgrown environments with tangled branches, it can be difficult to clear a passage for yourself through brambles, hawthorn and other bushes. Moving vegetation out of your way using your arms and hands is essential in these circumstances. So if you don't want to end the day with your hands scratched to pieces, wear these gloves!
  2. Total control thanks to the leather and the slim fit of these hunting gloves
    Our design team chose leather to give your hands good protection against scratches. But it is interesting to note that this material also provides good grip during the wetter seasons of autumn and winter. As such, thanks to the non-slip palm, you will remain in control of your weapon and your movements: leaving you free to fully concentrate on your hunt, behind your hunting companion, stalking your prey in the middle of dense biotopes.
  3. The added bonus of this model, designed primarily for hunting woodcock
    If you want to hunt woodcock even when the weather conditions are not optimal (cold, rain, etc.), you need specific equipment. These durable and comfortable gloves mean you don't lose any freedom of movement or grip. Another advantage of this model is the opening on the right and left index finger, letting you leave your finger in the open: this gives you greater precision when it's time to pull the trigger.
  4. Weight
    90g per pair in size M (size 9). 95g per pair in size L (size 9.5). 100g per pair in size XL (size 10).
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main fabric : 100.0% Leather - Cow
  2. Storage advice
    In a dry place away from light.
  3. Product restrictions
    Keep away from fire.
  4. Product information
    These leather gloves were designed to avoid scratches and remove vegetation with your hands. Designed to fit close to the hand, consider purchasing a larger size for more comfort.