RNS 50 Rental Men's Ski Boots

€ 110.00

Designed for intermediate skiers with wide feet (104 mm), looking for lightweight and comfortable boots

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Product benefits Designed for intermediate skiers with wide feet (104 mm), looking for lightweight and comfortable boots
  1. Rigidity
    Flex index of 55, very easy to use, perfect for improving your technique.
  2. Anatomic design
    Memory foam liner quickly moulds to the shape of your foot.
  3. Precision
    35 mm strap to firmly secure the liner and upper for progressive firmness.
  4. Easy dressing
    Easy fit system: flexible two-piece outer shell over the instep
  5. Thermal insulation
    Sole with 4 different layers of foam to insulate from the cold.
Product feature
  1. Comfort
    The dual-injected outer shell comfortably fits any foot shape thanks to the easy-on design. This is combined with a shaped liner that provides a high level of comfort thanks to layers of foam of varying densities and a shock absorbing sole.
  2. Lightweight
    PE outer shell and polycarbonate buckle make these boots a benchmark in terms of weight for limiting fatigue. According to a study, 1 kilo on your foot is equivalent to the feeling of 5 kilos on your back, which is why low weight is essential and is this product's main advantage.
  3. Insulating and anti-vibration sole
    4 layers of different foams to insulate from the cold, filter vibrations, and help you improve the position of your foot inside the boot for improved directional control.
  4. Pulling on/off
    The Easyfit system combines a bi-injected outer shell with a seam on the top of the foot which helps you to easily put the boots on and take them off. Plus, the top buckle has a moveable ladder so boots can be adjusted to all calf sizes and fitted more firmly.
  5. Foothold at the heel
    A plate is fixed to the back of the collar. It adds pressure to the lower part of the shell, resulting in a firm foothold at the back, useful for directional control. This system also features a 35 mm strap to support the shin all the way down to the foot by limiting unwanted movement.
  6. Durability
    The sole is fitted with front and rear tips that can be changed so you will always have a smooth surface. Replacement tips included! This is important to guarantee optimum functioning of your bindings and to reduce friction. The polycarbonate buckles ensure durability in all conditions.
  7. Support
    4 polycarbonate buckles allow you to adjust the outer shell very precisely. The 35 mm strap offers additional foot support and a customised fit.
  8. Specially designed for rentals
    Special area for a bar code or rental code at the rear of the boot, interchangeable front and rear tips, wide and durable hooks, upper hook with moveable ladder.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Lining: 100% polyvinyl chloride - Phthalate free; Base: 100% Polyurethane
  2. Storage advice
    Store in a dry place, preferably in a ski boot bag. Close buckles to keep shell from warping. Do not store next to a heat source.
  3. Cleaning advice
    After each use, remove the liner and liner insole to aid drying. Use an anti bacterial product and disinfectant regularly on the liner
  4. Product information
    A more lightweight boot is a more comfortable boot. Lightweight boots are less cumbersome and provide greater pleasure when worn.