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Product benefits
  1. Parameter measurement
    Monitor your steps, distance, speed/pace, heart rate at the wrist
  2. Coaching
    Unlimited options for interval training: time, distance, pyramid, target zone
  3. Connectivity
    See your sessions on your smartphone. Strava-compatible
  4. Autonomy
    10 hr of battery life in GPS mode and 5 days in smart watch mode.
  5. Waterproof
    Waterproof for swimming on the surface (5 ATM)
  6. Compatibility
    Compatible with the Bluetooth Smart heart-rate monitor belt
Product feature
  1. Measure your activities
    Stopwatch: instant, lap, previous lap | Speed: instant, average lap and previous lap, VO2 Max percentage by lap and previous lap | Pace: instant, average lap and previous lap | Distance: total, lap and previous lap | Heart rate: instant and in max heart rate percentage | Heart rate zone indicator | Number of steps: total, lap and previous lap | Calories | Time
  2. GPS AND GLONASS Technologies
    The KIPRUN GPS 550 watch can detect GPS and GLONASS satellites. With a great many satellites at its disposal, it's very quick to pick up the signal and offers more precision in mountainous environments.
  3. Measure your heart rate on your wrist
    You no longer need a waistband to measure your heart rate while you're running! The KIPRUN GPS 550 monitors your heart rate directly at the wrist during exercise or over the whole course of the day. In order to offer you one of the most reliable sensors on the market, we've chosen to use the latest Philips sensor technology.
  4. Tracking daily activity
    Track your daily activity with the KIPRUN GPS 550 watch: number of steps, calories, distance, active time. Set a daily goal and try to reach your activity objectives day by day.
  5. Unlimited possibilities for programming training sessions
    Simple to set,whatever type of training you're doing: Time intervals, distance, pyramid, at the targeted zone, etc. We designed this watch to give you total freedom in configuring your training sessions. Once configured, your training sessions are saved in the watch memory. We've even supplied 8 of our favourite training sessions: 10 x 30'/30', 5 x 1000, pyramid etc.
  6. Pace setter mode
    Pace setters take you through a race at a set pace and help you cross that finish line, often helping you outdo yourself. But since not everyone has a pace setter available for their own pace, we've put one in the KIPRUN GPS 550 watch. Select your race distance and your target, then let the pace setter guide you: your watch will give you your ETA in real time and tell you whether you're ahead of your target time or not.
    You will hardly notice you're wearing the KIPRUN GPS 550 watch during your sessions because it is only 14.8 mm thick and weighs only 41 g
  8. New Decathlon Connect app
    Transfer data from your KIPRUN GPS 550 watch via Bluetooth Smart technology, and instantly view your sessions on your smartphone using the Decathlon Connect app (available on iOS and Android). - View your daily activity (number of steps, distance, calories, active time) - Analyse your sessions: mapping, speed curve, pace, heart rate and altitude, analysis of transition times - Track your progression thanks to the stats
  9. Enjoy compatibility with Strava, Garmin Health, Fitbit, Apple health and Samsung Health
    Do you want to transfer your sessions to other applications or recover your history? The Decathlon Connect app is compatible the Strava, Garmin Health, Fitbit, Apple Health and Samsung Health services. This will connect your watch to your favourite services in the blink of an eye.
  10. Battery life
    Enjoy a 10-hour battery life in GPS mode thanks to the latest update. Comment mettre à jour ma montre ? Et pour la recharge ? Your watch is compatible with 5 V - 1 A chargers and travel chargers thanks to its micro USB/USB cable (included) and recharges completely in 2½ hours.
  11. Waterproof when swimming on the surface
    Your watch can be worn when swimming on the surface or taking a shower thanks to its 5 ATM waterproof rating.
  12. Automatic lap time
    Input your desired distance and automatically see your lap time thanks to the automatic lap time function.
  13. Automatic pausing and restarting of the session
    The session pauses automatically when you stop and restarts when you resume your run thanks to this function, which can be activated and deactivated.
  14. Multisport mode
    The KIPRUN GPS 550 now features a multi-sport mode! Choose your sport at the start of the session: the information on the screen will be tailored automatically to the chosen sport: running, cycling, trail, walking, indoor sport, outdoor sport, hiking.
  15. Compatible with the Bluetooth Smart heart rate belt
    The KIPRUN GPS 550 watch is also compatible with the Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor belts.
  16. Measuring of your heart rate at the wrist
    The KIPRUN GPS 550 watch constantly measures your heart rate instant by instant and pins down your resting heart rate. You can therefore keep a constant watch on your fitness. Your heart rate zones are automatically adjusted according to your resting heart rate in order to optimise your training and avoid injury.
    We know that your personal records are worth gold. That's why the KIPRUN GPS 550 automatically detects your records and saves them in the memory. As soon as you beat a record, the watch congratulates you.
  18. Customize your watch
    Choose between 3 types of time display: sports, city or analogue.
  19. Customise your activity screens
    The KIPRUN GPS 550 can display up to 3 informations per screen and there are up to 5 screens available.
  20. Change the wrist strap in the blink of an eye
    Easily replace your wrist strap without the need for tools thanks to its removable clip system.
  21. Size and dimensions
    Width of wrist strap: 21 mm Suitable for wrists of diameter 155 to 210 mm
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Outer shell : 90.0% Polycarbonate, Outer shell : 10.0% Glass - Mineral Inside room : 80.0% PCBA, Inside room : 20.0% Liquid Cristal Display Strap : 90.0% Silicon, Strap : 10.0% Stainless Steel
  2. Product restrictions
    Will not measure speed and distance indoors.
  3. Product information
    Simple to set, whatever type of training you're doing: time intervals, distance, pyramid, at the targeted zone, etc. Enjoy the 8 pre-recorded training sessions.