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Product benefits
  1. Sun protection
    Category 3 lenses - 100% UV filter: ideal in sunny weather
  2. Anti-fogging
    Ventilated lens: prevent the glasses from steaming up.
  3. Stability
    Grip on bridge of the nose and arms prevent glasses from sliding/jumping off
  4. Field of vision
    Mono screen: provide better peripheral vision.
  5. Coverage
    Wrap-around shape: protects the eyes from the wind, dust and weather conditions.
  6. Durability
    Lenses made of high-resistance polycarbonate plastic.
  7. Lightweight
    Lightweight running glasses: 26 g.
  8. Adjustable
    Adjustable nose pads: fit the shape of your nose.
Product feature
  1. Kalenji Running Glasses LENSES
    Category 3: allows 8%-18% of light to pass through (protection in sunny weather - Standard: ISO 12312-1) Material: shock-resistant polycarbonate. Geometry: spherical shape - Base 8.
  2. Kalenji Running Glasses FRAME
    Frame material: polyamide. Nose pad material: rubber. Arm material: polyamide + rubber. Arm tip material: rubber. Sizing: suitable for all types of faces (slim to wide).
  3. How to choose Kalenji running glasses
    There are several lens shade categories for running glasses. The RUNPERF glasses have category 3 lenses. These lenses are the darkest shade, providing continuous UV protection and reducing glare when running.
  4. How to choose a case for running glasses
    Running glasses remain fragile objects. A scratch or impact can render your sports glasses unuseable. One solution: use your glasses case to keep them protected! Find out what type of case to choose.
  5. How to clean your Kalenji running glasses
    Running glasses, like eyeglasses, should be carefully cleaned with suitable products to avoid scratching the lenses and blurry vision caused by dirt. Find out how to clean your glasses properly by taking the right steps!
  6. How to adjust the adjustable nose bridge on your Kalenji running glasses
    The RUNPERF running glasses are adjustable at the nose to increase their stability, comfort and ventilation capacity. The more space there is between the lens and the cheek, the more ventilated the lens will be.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Lens : 100.0% Polycarbonate (PC) Frame : 60.0% Polyamide 12 (PA12), Frame : 35.0% Rubber - Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), Frame : 5.0% Stainless steel
  2. Approved by
    These glasses comply with the ISO 12312-1 standard
  3. Storage advice
    The quality of your vision depends on how well you care for your glasses. Don't forget the case! Storing your glasses in their case will prevent them from being scratched, banged or crushed.
  4. Cleaning advice
    Clean your lenses with suitable accessories: wipe, microfibre cloth or spray for lenses (ORAO accessory range). On the other hand, do not use kitchen roll, cloths containing silicone or paper tissues that can scratch your lenses. The same applies to house
  5. Product restrictions
    Glasses not suitable for directly looking at the sun.
  6. Product information
    The lightweight (26 g) and flexible RUNPERF running glasses adapt to your face using the adjustable bridge. You will forget you are wearing them thanks to the wide and ventilated screen.
  7. Lab tested
    All our sports glasses are tested in our DECATHLON laboratories and under the real-life conditions for which they were designed. The development teams, product managers, engineers and designers work to ensure that our sports glasses are ideally suited to