Seat Post 31.6 400 mm 120/150 mm Travel Telescopic Handlebar Remote

€ 175.00
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Product benefits
  1. Ease of use
    Lockout / Unlock from handlebar thanks to its poploc
  2. Compatibility
    Compatible with frames with 31.6 mm seat post
  3. Repair
    Repair your bike and give it a new lease of life!
  4. Capacity
    1 seat post _ 1 cable _ 1 control lever _ 1 clamp _ 1 cable tie
  5. Assembly time
    Please note, have a derailleur housing for threading through inner cable.
Product feature
  1. Technical specifications
    Diameter: 31,6 mm Length: 400 mm Travel: 120 mm or 150 mm Insertion limit: 80 mm(120) - 120 mm(150) Max. height (insert up to insertion limit): 281 mm (120) - 318 mm (150) Lockout: Control lever on handlebar Cable rooting: Internal Rooting Material: Aluminium 6061 Offset head: 15 mm Interface: 2 rails _ 43 mm pitch circle diameter Seat clamp fastening: 8-10 Nm Weight: 600 g
    Remember not to exceed insertion limit into the bike frame. Make sure there is no dirt on the seat post. Apply a little bit of grease on seat post, making it easier to slide seat up and down, and prevent any water or dirt getting into the frame.
  3. Maintenance tips:
    Make sure you regularly tighten up the screws on your seat post clamp to maintain seat comfort and prevent premature wearing.Do not use a high-pressure cleaner on the seat post
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main part : 100.0% Aluminium
  2. Storage advice
    Store the seat post in a dry and temperate place, keeping it away from corrosive products and sea air.
  3. Product restrictions
    Get compatibility and assembly checked by a technician
  4. Product information
    Making it more comfortable to ride downhill by lowering your seat post with one press of a button