SH520 x-warm adult high black red snow hiking socks.

€ 25.00
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Product benefits
  1. Warmth
    21% wool, 4% silk at the toes to keep your feet warm.
  2. Fitting comfort
    100% of loop under the foot, on the shin and the Achilles tendon.
  3. Abrasion resistance
    Polyamide reinforcement at the ankle.
  4. Moisture management
    Polyester that vents and differentiated ventilation zone on the instep.
  5. Reduced chafing
    Specific threads limit the risk of heel blisters.
  6. Quick drying
    Synthetic fibres transfer moisture for quick drying.
  7. Special threads reduce the risk of blisters around the heel
    Reduced chafing
    Special threads reduce the risk of blisters around the heel
Product feature
  1. lessens the risk of irritation
    In the heel, the component is a polyamide twisted with a second polyamide thread coated with PTFE that reduces the risk of blisters.
  2. Pack of 2 pairs
    This model is sold in a pack of 2 pairs of socks of identical colours.
  3. Choose the right size of hiking socks
    We take advantage of the qualities of the elastane present in all our socks so that they adapt to your foot and remain well in place when used. Having all different feet in length, width and volume, we advise you to try your socks in store before buying them and to test your socks in use before going for a long hike.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    38% polyamide, 33% polyester, 23% Wool, 3% silk, 3% Elastane
  2. Storage advice
    Always make sure your products are completely dry before storing them.
  3. Cleaning advice
    wash socks at 30° maximum on Wool cycle and do not spin over 800rpm. Line dry. Do not tumble dry. Never iron your socks (!)
  4. Product restrictions
    These socks do not provide warmth when static.
  5. Product information
    Warm and breathable sock - ideal for winter activities. Back country skiing, snow-shoeing. Sold in packs of two pairs of the same colour.
  6. Lab tested
    All our models are tested in the field by representative users, tests that we complete in parallel with laboratory tests. The double scenario is a comprehensive and demanding way to design and constantly improve the technicality and design of our QUECHUA