Ski-mo ski touring backpack 20 litres

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Product benefits
  1. Volume
    Option to carry a set of back country skis diagonally on the backpack.
  2. Multiple compartments
    A pocket for the shovel blade, a crampon pocket and a large volume pocket
  3. Easy opening / closing
    Wear your backpack on the front and gain access to your pocket from the back.
  4. Carrying comfort
    Ventilated straps + foam-padded back for great comfort in use
  5. Stability
    Chest strap that can be adjusted in length and height + a waist strap
Product feature
  1. Carrying skis
    Option to carry a set of back country skis diagonally on the backpack. Without removing the backpack, pass the tail of your skis in the fluorescent strap and with your other hand, grab the elastic with the small hook, pass the elastic around your skis and clip in one of the two small straps on the right shoulder. You can adjust the length of the elastic by tightening the strap on the top of the bag. The skis are held down and do not move while you hike.
  2. Spike pocket
    A crampon pocket at the bottom of the bag can be used to carry crampons or climbing skins. It is accessible without removing the backpack, thanks to a fluorescent soft handle. The inside is foam padded and reinforced to withstand sharp crampons.
  3. Shovel / probe pockets
    There is a front pocket for storing the shovel blade. Inside the bag, there is a small elastic to place the shovel handle and on the other side, an elastic to hold the probe. You have easy and quick access to your 2 important avalanche safety equipments.
  4. Pick-axe / pole carrier
    2 lower straps on the front of the bag enable a pick-axe or two to be carried, or a set of poles. Pass the pick-axe handle in the loop, turn your pick-axe around and attach the handle using the elastic on the top of the bag. Do the same with your poles.
  5. Helmet carrying
    The two small elastics on the side of the bag enable you to attach the helmet chin strap. Your helmet is therefore held down on the front of the bag and does not move during your ascent.
  6. Side pockets
    Two side pockets at the waist to carry small equipment that is always useful (sun cream, telephone, cereal bars, etc).
  7. Flask / hydration pocket
    Possibility to insert a water bladder in the pocket on the strap. Use the Kalenji 500 ml water bladder for optimal use. *Water bladder sold separately Possibility to insert a water bladder, 2 small hooks are fitted inside the main pocket and hold the water bladder. Bring out the pipe and mouthpiece on either one of the straps. *Water bladder sold separately
  8. Chest strap
    A chest strap for excellent support during use, length and height can be adjusted. The buckle includes a whistle in case of emergency.
  9. Main pocket
    Mail volume of 20 litres to carry your ski touring equipment for one day (spare jacket, snack, spare gloves, skins, first aid kit, etc). This pocket is accessible either by the zip on the front, or by the back. When you climb, unclip your chest strap and bring your bag around to the front, you just need to open and unzip the pocket to gain quick and easy access to its contents.
  10. Recco system
    With the RECCO® technology, you can be located in the event of an avalanche. Someone who is equipped with RECCO® reflectors and is buried in the snow can be quickly and accurately located by the emergency services using the RECCO® tracker. RECCO reflectors are not a substitute for an avalanche beacon. The RECCO technology has a complementary function, thereby increasing the chances of being found in time.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Outer fabric : 100.0% Polyamide Inner fabric : 100.0% Polyester Coating : 100.0% Polyurethane
  2. Approved by
    Gregory, ski touring communications manager and ski touring competitor.
  3. Storage advice
    store in a dry place.
  4. Product information
    Access to all the contents of your ski touring backpack without removing it.
  5. Lab tested
    Bag tested all season by twenty back-country skiers to test it in all the conditions encountered during ski touring.