SN Hook Barbless Fishing Rigged Hooks

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Product benefits
  1. Easy assembly / dismantling
    The leader shaft enables easy connection to the body line.
  2. Traction
    The fine iron hook with long shaft enables the use of fragile bait.
  3. Fish friendly
    The absence of barb facilitates the unhooking of the fish.
Product feature
  1. Composition
    10 "fine iron" blue barbless hooks with 20 cm pile: AVAILABLE SIZES Hook No. 18 with 12/100 leader Hook No. 20 with 10/100 leader Hook No. 22 with 8/100 leader Hook No. 24 with 8/100 leader
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Structure : 100.0% Steel Backing : 100.0% Polyamide (PA) Coating : 100.0% Epoxy
  2. Storage advice
    Store in a dry place.
  3. Product information
    The barbless hooks facilitate unhooking of the fish waterside to enable rapid return in the best possible conditions.