Snow 100 XS Fine Weather Ski and Snowboard Goggles -P

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Designed for Junior skiers and snowboarders aged 2-5 who must protect their eyes from strong sunshine. 100% ANTI-UV.

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Product benefits
  1. Sun protection
    Sun protection
    100 % anti-UV. brown lens, ideal to see well in the sun and clouds.
  2. Anti-fogging
    Essentiel anti-fogging with a single, anti-fogging treated lens.
  3. Field of vision
    Cylindrical lens, horizontal field of vision.
  4. User comfort
    User comfort
    Ergonomic foam.
  5. Stability
    Large strap of 20mm.
  6. Adjustable
    1 loop lets you adjust the length of the elastic cord.
  7. Adjustable
    1 buckle for adjusting the length of the elastic
Product feature
  1. UV Protection
    UV rays are harmful for the eyes. All our goggles are certified 100% anti-UV in accordance with EN 174 standard. Ski goggles are the best solution in terms of protection: They provide perfect coverage for your eyes and prevent any UV rays from entering including glare.
  2. Essentiel Anti-fogging
    Essentiel anti-fogging is a single lens with treated anti-fogging on the inner face. The frame is ventilated to allow the inner of the goggles to be aerated: Pay attention to not block these aerations with a muffler for example.
  3. Single lens
    The single lens is treated for anti-fogging to limit the formation of fogging. Be careful not to rub the inside of the screen. Carefully wipe the surface to conserve as long as possible the efficacy of the anti-fogging treatment.
  4. Cylindrical lens
    Acetate lens treated with demister on the internal surface.
  5. Strap
    Strap made from polyamide, polyester and rubber, with a length of 20mm.
  6. EN 174 Standard
    EN 174 is a European standard applicable to masks used for ocular protection during alpine skiing or similar activities such as snowboarding.
  7. "Avoid fog formation "
    Humidity causes the formation of fog. It is therefore necessary to avoid a build-up of moisture in the foam, by, for example, placing the ski mask on the damp helmet or cap. Falling face down in the snow can also cause your goggles to fog up. This is why, in any case, it is important to dry your ski mask every night, so as to eliminate all traces of moisture and to be able to go out again to ski on the following day with a perfectly dry product.
  8. Size XS
    The size XS corresponds to a head width between 47 and 52cm.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Elasticised band : 36.0% Rubber - Synthetic, Elasticised band : 33.0% Polyamide (PA), Elasticised band : 31.0% Polyester (PES) Lens : 100.0% Cellulose Frame : 100.0% Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Foam : 100.0% Polyurethane (PU)
  2. Storage advice
    You're advised to store your goggles in the Wed'ze bag after use.
  3. Product catchline
    Young children must protect their eyes from the sun's rays, particularly in the snow where the level of UV radiation is high. The ski goggles offer good coverage, and are 100% ANTI-UV
  4. Lab tested
    All Wed'ze products are tested in target use conditions... In the snow, in the cold, in all the conditions you could encounter when skiing. Our design teams, product managers, engineers, and garment designers ensure that products are suitable for their in