still fishing bait GOOSTER FEEDER 2KG feeder

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Designed for feeder fishing in freshwater.

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    Size : 2kg
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Product benefits Designed for feeder fishing in freshwater.
  1. Palatability
    Dutch yellow makes the bait attractive to all types of white fish
  2. Sticking properties
    Coco Belge will enable the bait to work rapidly on the bottom.
  3. Visibility
    Fine dark coloured bait.
Product feature
  1. Mixing guidelines
    The Caperlan team recommends using 0.75 l water per 2 kilos of groundbait.
  2. Legal name.
    Complementary feed for cyprinids.
  3. Composition.
    Breadcrumbs, ground hempseed, Dutch yellow, cinnamon, sand and earth free.
  4. Analytical constituents and levels.
    Crude protein: 11% Crude fat: 12% Crude mineral matter: 10% Crude fibre: 9% Sodium: 2%
  5. Identification number
Product testing
  1. Product restrictions
    Not for human consumption.
  2. Product information
    Dark coloured sticky bait. Roasted and ground hempseed and cinnamon are great to attract all types of fish to your hook.