Surf Fish Longboard - 80cm

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Designed for beginning cruising and touring.

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Product benefits
  1. Wide deck (78.5 x 25 cm).
Fairly wide wheels (70 mm).
    Wide deck (78.5 x 25 cm). Fairly wide wheels (70 mm).
  2. Ease of handling
    70 mm wheels favour comfort and ease of handling.
  3. Flexibility
    Deck with a firm flex.
  4. Reverse trucks to aid turning and for better speed control
    Reverse trucks to aid turning and for better speed control
  5. Glide performance
    ABEC 7 bearings for glide performance and soft wheels (78A) for more comfort.
Product feature
  1. What is a longboard for?
    As its name suggests, a longboard is similar to a skateboard, but is longer. It has a rigid deck and bigger, softer wheels for grip and speed that make it perfect for fast riding.
  2. Deck size
    Composition: 7-ply maple. Dimensions: 30.70" (78.5 cm) x 9.84" (25 cm). Shape: Fish. Flex: firm and stable
  3. Wheels & bearings
    Wheel composition: polyurethane. Dimensions: 70 mm (good stability). Hardness: 78A (soft wheels designed for comfort and traction; not suitable for slides). Bearings: ABEC 7.
  4. Trucks (to mount the wheels)
    Aluminium trucks with reverse pivot. Polyurethane bushings (92A hardness).
  5. How much does this longboard weigh?
    2.9 kg.
  6. How are our products tested?
    All our decks are tested in the laboratory. These tests ensure that all European standards are met for skateboard/longboard decks. Wear tests are also carried out. These laboratory tests are complemented by field tests, some measured, others relying on user perception, to put the product through the most stringent tests. The result: a thoroughly proven product.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Longboard with 7-ply maple deck, 70mm 78A wheels, ABEC 7 bearings, 92A polyurethane truck bushings, aluminium trucks with reverse pivot
  2. Storage advice
    Store in a cool, dry place.
  3. Cleaning advice
    To clean your longboard, rinse with water.
  4. Product restrictions
    Not for users over 100 kg, not designed for slides.
  5. Product catchline