Table Tennis Bat PPR 100

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    Size : STRAIGHT
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Product benefits
  1. Ease of use
    Its slightly slow rubbers enable very good ball control.
  2. Spin
    Lightly tacky rubber helps to slightly generate ball spin.
  3. Speed
    Its soft, thin sponge gives you very little speed.
Product feature
    The combination of the bat's soft wood and two slower and slightly tacky rubber layers provides excellent forgiveness, which is perfect for learning to play table tennis. The wooden handle is shaped for a good grip on the bat.
  2. SPIN
    The slight tackiness of the rubbers provides light spin.
  3. SPEED
    The foam on the rubbers is 1 mm to add slight speed to your ball.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main fabric : 100.0% Rubber - Synthetic Blade : 100.0% Wood
  2. Storage advice
    Your bat is made from wood and rubber; do not expose it to direct sunlight or moisture, protect it with a bat cover to maintain its qualities. Regularly clean the rubber with water.
  3. Cleaning advice
    Clean the rubber with a damp sponge or with a special bat rubber cleaning product. Bat made primarily for indoor use.
  4. Product restrictions
    Protect from sunlight and bad weather.
  5. Product information
    Quality and price! A table tennis bat with a soft backside and a side with pimples to vary rallies, making it perfect for recreational use and for family fun at home.