TANA women's boardshorts with an elasticated waistband - Blue

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Designed for leisure water sports.

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    Size : UK 10 - EU 38
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Product benefits Designed for leisure water sports.
  1. Anatomic design
    Mid-thigh length and loose fit for easy movement.
  2. User comfort
    Swim shorts with elasticated waistband
  3. Water repellent
    Water repellent fabric for quicker drying.
Product feature
  1. Your surf session for occasional practice
    You are learning to surf or surf only a few times a year, during your holidays or a surf trip. You stay where you can touch the bottom, in tiny waves or broken waves. You surf for the pleasure of being in the water and for the feeling you get from it. During your sessions, you often fall but you fall in waves that are not very powerful. We have designed a wide range of swimwear for you, to suit your occasional practice and your body shape.
  2. Body shape
    Ideal for learning to surf in broken waves, stand up paddle cruising or snorkelling. With their slightly loose fit and low waist, Tilia boardshorts suit all body shapes. Its rather short length doesn't visually "cut" the leg and creates a nice figure. Its drawstring guarantees great staying power during use.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    100% polyester women's boardshorts
  2. Cleaning advice
    Wash your swim shorts after purchase. Then rinse in fresh water after each use. If you want to machine wash your swimsuit, wash at 30°C with very little detergent and no fabric conditioner.
  3. Product restrictions
  4. Product information
    Women's short boardshorts to be worn over a swimsuit for all water-based activities. Elasticated waistband with decorative cord. Water repellent fabric for quicker drying.
  5. Lab tested
    This product has been tested in use in Hendaye and has been subjected to numerous laboratory tests to guarantee the quality of use for which it was designed: tests on the elasticity and stability of the fabric, colour fastness during rubbing, washing, exp