Techwool 250 women's long sleeve walking T-shirt - black

€ 44.00

Designed for occasional to regular mountain hikers.

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Product benefits Designed for occasional to regular mountain hikers.
  1. Warmth
    100% Merino wool long sleeve T-shirt, ideal as a base layer all year round
  2. Odour control
    Naturally anti-bacterial, wool is the perfect material for combating odours.
  3. Moisture management
    Merino wool is breathable and helps maintain the right body temperature.
  4. Freedom of movement
    Naturally stretchy component for comfort and freedom of movement.
  5. Softness
    The low weight of wool fibres provides softness and comfort. Does not itch.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main fabric : 100.0% Wool Yoke : 98.0% Wool, 2.0% Polyamide 6 (PA6)
  2. Cleaning advice
    Machine wash at 30°C. Dry flat.
  3. Product information
    100% Merino wool Naturally odourless, wool keeps the body at the right temperature whether it is hot or cold outside. It maintains its warmth-providing qualities even when wet
  4. Lab tested
    All it takes is trying on a merino wool garment to be convinced of this material's incredible properties. All merino wool styles are incredibly versatile; they can be worn in summer (the lighter weight models) for their breathability and odourless qualiti