ToneMat Floor Mat 100 - 160 cm x 60 cm x 7 mm / Green

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Product benefits -
  1. User comfort
    Thickness and size that offer basic comfort.
  2. Durability
    Protective film to withstand exercises done in shoes.
  3. Grip
    Good grip on the ground to avoid slipping.
Product feature
  1. What is the right size and thickness for your mat?
    The more you exercise, the more you need a comfortable mat 1. Thickness - If you're doing a gentle activity (such as Pilates) and are barefoot and exercising on the ground: opt for a mat that is at least 10 mm thick with a soft, cushy texture - If you do mainly dynamic exercises for strength training, 7 mm is sufficient. 2. Length For Pilates or strength training, your mat should ideally be as long or longer than your height.
  2. Which exercises can you do?
    Don't know which exercise to start with, or how to get your posture right? Take a look at the user guide below. Our design team and qualified sports coaches have developed a coaching service to guide you. The free downloadable poster in the user guide contains a dozen exercises you can do with this mat.
  3. How to use your mat (top/underside and cleaning)
    For training exercises, your mat should be grippy against the floor and abrasion resistant. Place the grey surface facing the floor and do your exercises on the coloured side. The mat has a special anti-abrasion film so you can do your exercises while wearing shoes without worrying about damaging the mat. Clean with a damp cloth for better durability.
  4. BONUS
    Fold it over for a little extra padding for your knees
  5. Care advice + storage
    You may notice a strong odour when you first begin using your mat. Don't worry - it is not toxic and will fade with time. To stop your mat getting damaged after your workout, clean it and roll it up (but not too tightly) using the straps provided
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Foam : 100.0% Foamed Polyethylene Film : 100.0% Polyéthylène (PE)
  2. Approved by
    "I'm really happy with this mat. It was exactly what I needed." Patrice, Decathlon customer
  3. Storage advice
    We recommend storing your mat in a clean, dry place out of direct sunlight and below 25°C Do not place near heat sources
  4. Product restrictions
    For private use only Do not place heavy objects on it
  5. Product information
    A light, compact and durable mat you can take anywhere! The protective film is abrasion resistant so you can wear shoes! 7 mm thick for the comfort you need
  6. Lab tested
    Made from materials guaranteed free from harmful substances We conduct tests to ensure the size, weight, traction, durability and comfort