TR960 Adult Tennis Racket - White

€ 80.00

Designed for club tennis players who play frequently and need a racket that delivers power and dampens vibrations for comfortable play.

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    Size : Grip 3
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Product benefits Designed for club tennis players who play frequently and need a racket that delivers power and dampens vibrations for comfortable play.
  1. Vibration dampening
    Soft Feel technology reduces vibrations for added comfort.
  2. Power
    This racket's weight (305 g) and head (645 cm²) help deliver powerful strokes.
  3. Ease of handling
    It is grip heavy, which helps you put the ball where you want it to go.
  4. Spin
    Its 16x19 string pattern helps with spin
  5. Precision
    At 305 g, it gives you good control.
Product feature
  1. Inertia
    An inertia of 295 kg/cm² prevents the frame from deforming due to high acceleration, and delivers power and precision in play. What does the inertia rating mean? The higher the inertia, the harder the racket is to manoeuvre, but the greater the power.
  2. RA
    The stiffness rating of 70 improves the racket's power. A stiff racket provides better stability on impact as well as greater control and precision. The stiffer the frame, the shorter the contact time: you lose control but gain power. When choosing your racket, keep in mind the following: Stiff frame: > 64 – 66 RA Flexible frame: < 64 – 66 RA.
  3. Weight
    At 305 g, this racket delivers powerful strokes. For your information: - Less than 260 g: lightweight rackets, for comfort and easy handling. - 260 to 295 g: classic rackets (intermediate) for versatility. - 300 to 315 g: rackets for players who already have good technique and need more powerful strokes and precision. - 315 g: rackets for highly skilled, competitive players.
  4. Soft Feel technology
    Created in collaboration with our Research & Development Centre, the SOFT FEEL technology (made with 20% BALSA) greatly absorbs the racket's vibrations caused upon impact with the ball. It provides an outstanding level of comfort during play and dampens vibrations.
  5. Head size
    The TR960's mid-sized head (645 sqm) offers a large comfortable sweet spot. The ball can be hit off-centre with good results, although the trade-off is a little less accuracy. For more information on head sizes: - Midsize – small head size: < 97 inch² or 625 cm² - Mid plus (MP) – standard head size: 97-105 inch² or 626-677 cm² - Oversize (OS) – large head size: 106-115 inch² or 678-742 cm² - Super oversize – very large head size: > 116 inch² or 742 cm²
  6. Balance
    The grip heavy racket (32 cm) makes the TR960 a highly versatile and easy-to-handle racket. You'll find it easier to manoeuvre the racket and be able to place the ball where you want it to go.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    80% graphite and fibreglass, 20% balsa
  2. Approved by
    Tested and approved by our technical partners Nicolas Escude, former ATP No.17 , and Jerome Haehnel, former ATP No.78
  3. Storage advice
    Avoid subjecting your racket to major temperature fluctuations.
  4. Product information
    This tennis racket provides power and dampens vibrations thanks to the use of Soft Feel technology, developed in collaboration with our technical partner, Nicolas Escude (former ATP No.17).
  5. Lab tested
    This product has been tested for over 100 hours in our Techcenters by our technical partners and by certified coaches in tennis clubs. The TR960 is tested in comparison with the best products currently on the market. The tests highlighted the racket's exc