VM400 Exercise Bike

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Designed for occasionally to regularly riding an exercise bike at home (3 to 5 hrs a week).

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Product benefits
  1. Flowing fabric
    Smooth, jolt-free pedalling is easy on the joints (6 kg flywheel)
  • Product size
    L.80 x W.55 x H.121 cm
  • Product weight
    27 kg
  • Box size
    L.105 x W.23.5 x H.51.5 cm
  • Total weight
    30 kg
Product feature
  1. Stability during use
    2 adjustable stabilisers on the base at the rear to ensure your bike remains perfectly stable in use.
  2. Tip 1: maintain a correct position while pedalling
    To maintain an optimum position while pedalling, try to avoid swaying your pelvis too much. To accomplish this, keep your abs tight and move your shoulders as little as possible. If your shoulders move a lot, it's your bust and your hips which are generating the movement. In this case, tighten your abs to stabilize your upper body. In an effective pedalling position, your upper body should only move slightly.
  3. Tip 2: adjust toe-clips properly
    Using toe-clips helps you pedal more effectively by pushing downwards as well as pulling upwards during the rising movement of the cycle. Make sure that your toe-clips are properly tightened for optimum foot support.
  4. Tip 3: properly adjust the height of the seat
    Adjusting the height of the seat is important to ensure you maintain a correct position while pedalling. The saddle should be neither too high nor too low. Adjust the height in such a way that when seated, your leg is slightly bent, with one foot resting on the pedal at its lowest point. Your leg should neither be fully extended, nor too bent.
  5. Tip 4: Moving your bike
    Your bike is fitted with built-in rollers at the front. To move your bike, stand facing the front of the bike. Block the bike with your foot while pushing down on the handlebars to swing the bike up while resting on its front wheels. Gently push the bike forward in the desired direction.
  6. Assembly and maintenance tip: check that screws and pedals are properly tightened
    To prolong the lifespan of your exercise bike and for your comfort, regularly check that the screws and bolts on your bike and pedals are properly tightened. This will prevent rattling and premature wear and tear on your product.
Product testing
  1. Product restrictions
    Maximum user weight: 110 kg. For home use only.
  2. Product catchline
    Entry price with training programmes!
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