WELLMIX PINEAPPLE 1 KG carp fishing boilies

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Product benefits
  1. Fast acting
    The rapid diffusion of particles and flavours makes it highly attractive.
  2. Palatability
    Simple, natural and effective formulas for fishing and groundbaiting.
  3. Versatility
    Boilie designed for speed fishing or heavy groundbaiting.
  4. Fast acting
    For fast fishing thanks to instant diffusion.
Product feature
    To offer you INSTANTLY ATTRACTIVE and AFFORDABLE boilies, our engineers have chosen simplicity over complexity when choosing the ingredients for each recipe. As such, WELLMIX boilies are mainly composed of three types of meal (corn, wheat, soya) and seeds (rapeseed). This choice means we can offer you very affordable, high-quality boilies by using top-quality no-frill meals: QUALITY first!
    WELLMIX boilies excel in their two main fields of use. 1/ Use them as bait for speed fishing. You will be surprised at how quickly they attract fish. This effectiveness is a direct result of the way WELLMIX boilies dissolve, with fast yet progressive diffusion of particles: PERFECT for a fishing session! 2/ You can groundbait economically without overfeeding the carp, thanks to the controlled protein content of the boilies.
  3. Analytical constituents and levels.
    Raw proteins: 8 % Raw fat: 3% Raw mineral material: 2% Crude fibre: 1% Sodium: 0% Water content: 30%
  4. Approval number
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Composition: corn, wheat, soya, vegetable protein extract, seeds Additive: Pineapple flavouring (0.4%) Analytical constituents: Crude protein: 8% Crude oils and fats: 3% Mineral matter: 2% Crude fibre: 1% Sodium: 0% Water content: 30% CERTIFICATION NUMBER
  2. Storage advice
    Re-seal the packet well after use.
  3. Product restrictions
    "Best before" date is shown on the packet.
  4. Product information
    The Wellmix pellet immediately diffuses its flavour to attract fish to the desired area. Its composition rich in protein arouses the appetite of the carp.