Women's Gentle Gymnastics, Yoga and Pilates Organic-cotton T-shirt - Purple

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Designed for gentle gym, yoga and pilates

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Product benefits Designed for gentle gym, yoga and pilates
  1. Softness
    Cotton-rich fabric for greater softness and comfort.
  2. Softness
    Cotton is a naturally soft and comfortable fibre (jersey 165 g)
  3. Eco-design
    Water usage reduced by 60% compared to standard cotton.
Product feature
  1. The design of Domyos yoga products
    This is why the entire line of Domyos apparel has been designed for freedom of movement. Our clothes are designed to allow you to focus on your postures and breathing. Our garments are tested in real use and are constantly being updated, based on feedback from our customers.
  2. Why do yoga?
    Yoga, whose roots stem from Ancestral India, is a discipline that promotes the connection of the body and the mind. By practising regularly, you feel better in your body and mind. The body becomes flexible, strong, and toned. You feel more confident, peaceful, and de-stressed.
  3. Why organic cotton?
    Breathe, relax, eliminate stress ... yoga is synonymous with well-being. Those practising yoga respect their body's limits, have respect for others and the environment: this is why we use organically-grown cotton (to reduce its environmental impact).
  4. Organically-grown cotton
    Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemicals. Organic cultivation methods have been specifically designed to reduce the impact on the environment. It helps preserve biodiversity and soil fertility, and reduces the risk of polluting groundwater tables.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main fabric : 95.0% Cotton, 5.0% Elastane
  2. Cleaning advice
    Machine washable at 40°C max. Tumble dry at a low heat. Do not iron. We have chosen organic farming to reduce our environmental impact and better respect the ecosystem around cotton production. However, how you care for your garment has an impact on the e
  3. Product information
    Domyos offers products with a reduced environmental impact for gentle gymnastics and yoga.Domyos offers products with a reduced environmental impact for gentle gymnastics and yoga.
  4. Lab tested
    This cotton garment has undergone washing and drying tests to check that it keeps its shape and colour. These tests are regularly conducted by an independent laboratory, and enable us to ensure that our quality standards are met. (Products made from organ