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Men's Mountain trekking down jacket X-Light - Black
  • Men's Mountain trekking down jacket X-Light - Black
Men's Mountain trekking down jacket X-Light - Black



Men's Mountain trekking down jacket X-Light - Black

VAT included
  • Men's Mountain trekking down jacket X-Light - Black
Men's Mountain trekking down jacket X-Light - Black
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Down jacket designed by our teams to best meet the needs of trekkers walking in the cold



75% down / 25 feather front/back. 540 CUIN. Wadding hood/arms.

Compact design

Compresses into its storage bag. 3 g in L.

Water repellent

Surface-treated outer fabric to prevent water from getting in.


Only 440 g in size L

Freedom of movement

Technical, flexible and lightweight wadding fills the arms for ease of movement.


Fill Power of the down/feather filling

For this down jacket filled 75/25, the fill power of the down/feather is guaranteed to be greater than or equal to 540 CUIN. The fill power is a measure of the down's thermal insulation capacity and its potential to "trap" air. Consequently, the higher the fill power (i.e. the higher the CUIN number), the more space it occupies and the more air it traps thereby delivering more thermal insulation.

The advantage of a duck down and feather filling (on the back and front of the down jacket)

The down's long-lasting fill power gives it 3 important qualities for hiking:
- Thermal insulation thanks to the air trapped in the down and feathers
- Ultra-lightweight: to provide equal warmth, feathers are lighter than synthetic wadding. This saves even more weight in your backpack
- Ultra-compressible

Feather origin

Thanks to our traceability system, we can guarantee the origin of the feathers, in compliance with our commitment to use responsibly sourced materials. Our suppliers are committed to using only feathers that come from ducks that are bred for their meat and which are plucked after slaughtering.


The advantages of a synthetic filling (for the arms, sides and hood)

Synthetic filling (wadding) is an effective alternative to feathers:
- it provides good thermal insulation when damp
- it increases breathability and is recommended for dynamic exercise (feathers are recommended for static or moderate activity)

Care instructions for a down jacket with down and feathers

The down jacket will be worn all year round and will certainly need to be washed. Follow the instructions by clicking the link below:
How to wash and dry your down jacket ?

In the event of rain

The fabric used for this down jacket is water-repellent. It makes drops of water run off the fabric so it takes longer for water to get inside the down jacket, giving you time to find shelter. The down jacket is not waterproof. We therefore recommend you wear a waterproof jacket above the down jacket if you are under the rain for a long period.

Tips for storage and maintenance

Machine wash - 30° max - normal
Do not bleach
Tumble dry - low heat
Do not iron
Do not dry-clean

Storage tips

Store on a hanger in a clean and dry place

Restrictions on use

Not suitable for hiking in the rain


Test product

All our down jackets are laboratory tested in 5 km/h winds and worn as a 3rd layer on a thermal mannequin (over a long sleeved T-shirt and fleece). Their level of thermal insulation is measured on a scale of 1 to 5, so that you can make the choice that best suits your use.


2 Years