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Men’s Hiking Sweater - NH150
  • Men’s Hiking Sweater - NH150
Men’s Hiking Sweater - NH150



Men’s Hiking Sweater - NH150

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  • Men’s Hiking Sweater - NH150
Men’s Hiking Sweater - NH150
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This warm and breathable NH150 V-neck hiking jumper is designed to provide warmth and comfort during your walks in cool weather.

This men’s warm jumper protects you from 10 to 13°C when hiking in spring and autumn. It provides plenty of comfort thanks to its brushed soft-touch material. A masculine cut with a V-neck.



Tightenable waist and sleeves: Limits draughts | Protects from 10 to 13°C

User comfort

Soft-touch fleece-type brushed inner

Freedom of movement

The knit construction easily stretches to mimic movement


Polyester knit: lets through water vapour generated by the body (RET=6.71)

Abrasion resistance

Treatment to reduce pilling from wearing a backpack


This pullover weighs 350 g in size L | Density of the fleece: 240 g/sqm

Easy maintenance

Crease proof | Machine washable | Quick drying


We have improved this product by using an eco-designed approach on the materials of this product

We use a process of dyeing in the mass called “dope-dying”, reducing the use of water on the colours navy blue (code 8736319), denim (code 8758454) and black (code 8758452).
The textile dyeing process requires a lot of water and also produces waste water from the dye bath. To reduce our environmental impact, we have chosen this dyeing process in the mass, which integrates colour pigments directly during the thread manufacture.

Fleece component: Comfort and insulation thanks to air

The fleece component is designed to trap air thanks to the space created by its texture; This air keeps the body warm thanks to its natural insulation. It is the abrasion of the knit that allows air to be trapped. This fleece component is ideal for active warming up during your hike.

Sturdiness and durability

This pullover has been treated with anti-pilling treatment to guarantee the garment’s insulation over time. This also reduces premature wear when wearing a backpack during walking or hiking. A more durable garment that is beautiful throughout its lifetime.