Original 700 36V Electric Bike

    Designed for trips and rides on roads and trails.

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    Characteristics Designed for trips and rides on roads and trails.
    Product Benefits
    1. Cycling comfort
      Front and rear suspension, tilt- and height-adjustable stem.
    2. Versatility
      36V battery combined with 21 speeds, to handle any gradient. Hybrid tyres.
    3. Visibility
      Battery-powered LED lighting at front and rear.
    4. Lifetime warranty
      B'Twin offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, stem and handlebar.
    • Size
      S/M L/XL
    • Weight
      25.4 kg in S/M
    Product feature
    1. Handlebars / stem / steering
      Semi-raised steel handlebar. Adjustable and orientable stem. Semi-raised position suited for casual bike rides as well as more athletic outings. You can adjust the stem to ensure good upper body posture.
    2. Visibility
      Front and rear LED lighting.
    3. Brakes
      Front and rear aluminium V-brake callipers. Aluminium brake levers. Powerful and progressive brakes. Remember: The brake pads on electrically-assisted bikes wear down more quickly than a classic bike due to the weight and power of the motor.
    4. Tyres / wheels
      Double-walled aluminium rims for greater durability. Hybrid tyre designed for riding in the city or countryside.Wheel dimension: 26" in size M, 28" in size L.
    5. Fork
      Elastomer suspension fork. The fork adapts to various types of terrain and dampens shocks and vibrations for precise, comfortable steering.
    6. Frame
      Le frame is made of aluminium with integrated rear shocks. 6061 aluminium suspension fork. Be careful, a child bike site cannot be fitted to this frame.
    7. Care tips
      It's normal for tyres to lose pressure over time. So regularly check your tyre pressure. Riding with under-inflated tyres reduces your battery range, requires more pedalling effort, and increases the risk of punctures. Before performing any work on your electric bike (cleaning, electrical or mechanical maintenance), you must remove the battery and turn off any power supply.
    8. Saddle / Seat post
      B'Twin ergonomic foam saddle. Quick-release saddle clamp. Aluminium seat post with built-in clamp. Fast, tool-free saddle adjustment.
    9. Drivetrain
      Brushless 250 watt electric-drive motor. The rear position of the motor provides the bike with excellent handling and comfortable steering. Motor torque: 30 Nm. 21 speeds: 3 chainrings (48, 38, 28); 7-speed freewheel (14/16/18/20/22/24/28). Speed changes with push-pull shifter for greater accuracy. The gear calibration allows you to tackle steep hills.
    10. Weight
      25.4 kg in size M. 25.9 kg in size L.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Frame : 100.0% Aluminium
    2. Product catchline
      Effortless and comfortable recreational cycling on roads and trails!
    Product reviews
    3.8 / 5
    4 reviews
    4 users recommend this product
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    • electric bike

      barry (United Kingdom)
      Used for 3 to 6 months
      The only thing I would add are disc brakes quite a comfortable ride a manual would be really helpful
    • Excellent electric bike but do not use DHL.

      Sebastien (United Kingdom)
      Used for 1 week or less
      Excellent value and quality electric bicycle. However, DHL delivered my bike late and damaged but Decathlon was very helpful and replaced it.
      Quality, unique design, excellent value for money.
      DHL delivery as usual.
    • great improvemets over the 500

      Allerton (United Kingdom)
      Used for 1 week or less
      I bought the 500 model a couple of years ago which I loved but which left me wishing for a few more features. This model seems to have incorporated them all and I took the opportunity to upgrade. First, the suspension - I originally only wanted to ride on the roads, but the moment I hit trails I knew I was going to spend plenty of time on them, and the old 500 bike really didn't like bumpy tracks. This model takes them in its stride, and the suspension is easily adjustable so you can choose how hard or soft you want it to be. I also yearned for more gears as with the old 500 model I would, with my extra weight and low levels of fitness, be struggling to keep the pedals going fast enough to keep the motor from cutting out. This new model has 21 gears instead of 7, though to be honest they are mostly go-faster gears and I still end up with no gears to spare going up the steepest hills. But they've also tweaked the sensor system - not only is it much better protected now, but it also starts the motor up after a half turn of the pedals rather than making you wait til you've done two whole turns, which was a pain trying to start on hills. Also if you hold down the + button, it will give the motor a boost, making hill-starts even easier and maybe ensuring that the motor won't stop even if I'm attempting an even steeper hill than usual. I also like that you can turn the power up and down - the old controller made you scroll from one to three and then off, making it unnecessarily complicated to drop the power down a level. The new lcd controller is much better, and you can read the speed and total distance traveled, which is quite fun.

      The battery seems stronger than the old one, and the motor feels more responsive. I had to change to a wider saddle, but the staff in Decathlon were happy to do that for me. In fact, they did a fantastic job of setting up the bike as they knew I wanted to ride it home and they spent a while getting everything perfect for me. I rode home at record speed, for me, and it was a supremely comfortable ride.
      best bike I've ever ridden
      needs more uphill gears
    • A tale of two halves

      Colin (United Kingdom)
      Used for 1 week or less
      The bike was supplied online 'click and collect' such that I could go to shop and try it.
      The 'final' product as presented to me which I took home supposedly completely assembled and checked out had no functioning rear brake, 50% front brake, loose handle bars, incorrectly assembled seat stem, gears which didn't function correctly and I took a punt on electrics as shop could not switch them on.
      I've spent a couple of hours now correcting the faults, the gears still need some fine tuning, but it's a nice ride now and in my opinion good for leisure riding.
      The bike has the makings of something good.
      Abysmal Decathlon customer service
      Response of the brand
      Dear Sir,  
      I'm very sad to read that you did non receive your bike built to the correct standards. I have forwarded your feedback on to the store manager who will contact you in order to discuss in more detail the issues you encountered.
      Please accept my apologies for this level of service which on this occasion did not meet our standards.
      Peter Lazarus UK Cycling Market Manager DECATHLON