Rossignol GALA + GALA Bindings Women's Snowboard Pack

    Designed for for Intermediate-level snowboarders looking for an easy all-terrain board that will grow with them as they progress.

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    Characteristics Designed for for Intermediate-level snowboarders looking for an easy all-terrain board that will grow with them as they progress.
    Product Benefits
    1. Forgiveness
      2 big rockers front and rear and supple flex for easy pivoting.
    2. Rigidity
      Supple flex, 2 large rockers => gentle, progressive edge transition.
    3. Versatility
      45% On-piste 45% Off-piste 10% Park
    • Sizes
      146 cm (40 - 70 kg)/150 cm (50 - 85 kg)
    • Terrain
      45% On-piste /
    • 45% Off-piste
      / 10% Park
    • Shape
      15 mm Directional Setback
    Product feature
    1. Use/Terrain
      The Gala really is a super-versatile accessible board. On-piste, its small standard camber under your feet offers sufficient grip, it's front/rear double rocker lets it float on powder and offers easy pivoting. At very high speeds, it will find its limits.
    2. Directional Snowboard
      The directional shape of the snowboard: The board has directional sidecuts (there's a front and a rear) as the back of the board is slightly narrower than the front, and the points of contact between board and snow are slightly towards the rear (setback). A directional shape offers better grip when cornering and better recovery when exiting a turn.
    3. Amptek Auto-Turn CAMBER: 80% Rocker - 20% Camber
      The Rossignol Amptek Auto-Turn camber is a mix of reverse camber, but with a small standard camber between the 2 bindings to provide grip: 20% Standard Camber and 80% Rocker. And it works very well: _ for beginner to advanced levels; it grips onto hard snow very well _ and this pseudo reverse camber (or double rocker) offers buoyancy on powder and improved pivoting/handling
    4. Supple and Forgiving FLEX
      The flex (stiffness of the board between front and rear) of the Gala is about 2/5, i.e. supple and forgiving. This type of flex is very homogeneous from the front tip (nose) to the rear tip (tail), which provides very predictable cornering with no surprises. Of course, the drawback is that at high speed or on very icy snow, the board won't hold a nice, well-cut turn: it skids, which automatically slows you down.
    5. Supple, Forgiving TORSION
      The torsion (torsional stiffness of the board between the feet) is about 2/5, which makes the Boogey so easy to handle, easy to pivot and forgiving of edging mistakes. Supple torsion provides a degree of free movement between the feet (the front foot can be angled heel/toe, and the rear toe/heel). This is essential at beginner level, and is also very useful in freestyle/jib.
    6. 15 mm SETBACK
      The Setback is when the board's compression points with the snow are not symmetrical in relation to the centre of the board, but set back towards the rear. The bindings are also set back towards the rear by the same distance. The setback is given in mm. _ 15 mm of setback => standard setback for directional boards. That offers better grip when cornering, as well as better buoyancy during Freeride as you're positioned further back, which naturally raises the front.
    7. Technical Information
      Front width 280 mm/Centre 234 mm/Rear 280 mm (Size 146 cm) Radius 7.1 m Effective edge 1110 mm Number of inserts: 8 + 8 (3 possible positions per binding/40 mm between each) Recommended stance: 460 mm
    8. Extruded Base/Glide Performance
      Base: Extruded, highly durable. Requires regular maintenance: ideally, wax every 3 outings, but at least once per winter, especially at the end of the season to protect the base and let the wax penetrate deep inside through the summer.
    9. Sold in a pack with Gala bindings
      The GALA // is an entry-level All-Mountain binding for beginner riders. The MainFrame spoiler, Draft instep and toe straps and CPU base with Puffy Pad footbed ensure sufficient power transmission, comfort and reactivity so that you can have fun in the terrain park or All-Mountain, whatever the snow conditions and board you use.
    10. What's the right size Gala snowboard for me?
      In general, for all-terrain use, go for -15 to -20 cm. _ Choosing smaller makes things easier. This is also advised for people who are light for their height. _ Choosing bigger offers greater stability at high speed. This is also advised for people who are heavy for their height. 146 CM (40 - 70 kg) => from 1 m 61 to 1 m 70 150 CM (50 - 85 kg) => from 1 m 65 to 1 m 75
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Polyethylene base, fibreglass reinforced wood structure.
    2. Storage advice
      Wipe the edges at the end of the outing so they don't rust.
    3. Cleaning advice
      For good glide performance, wax your board regularly; every two or three trips is ideal. At the end of the season, leave a coat of unscraped wax to protect the base when not in use. This will keep on nourishing your board during the summer as the wax pen
    4. Product catchline
      The Gala Amptek Rossignol snowboard and bindings pack is a women's beginner snowboard that makes finding your feet easy. The AmpTek Auto Turn offers stability, grip and easy pivoting.
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