SUNUNTO CORE altimeter watch black

    Designed for REGULAR athletes who want a performance outdoor watch that will resist all conditions.

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    Characteristics Designed for REGULAR athletes who want a performance outdoor watch that will resist all conditions.
    • Product type
      Mountain watch
    Product feature
    1. Altimeter
      The altimeter measures altitudes up to 9,000m. It is ideal for all activities where it is important to know your altitude and ascent/descent speeds. Suunto Core altimeter will measure differences in altitude in order to monitor your ascent/descent progress. The log records all your changes in altitude between start and end times, so that you can analyse your activity at home and draw charts.
    2. Barometer
      The Suunto Core displays current sea level pressure in a detailed chart including the values recorded every 30 minutes over the last 24 hours. The weather trend indicator is a useful feature that allows you to know the next weather conditions at a glance. The storm alert informs you of any sudden change in the air pressure that is an indicator of rough weather.
    3. Alti/Baro automatic switch
      The Suunto Core features an automatic Alti/Baro switch that detects the presence or absence of movement to switch from altimeter mode to barometer mode, respectively. When you are climbing, it records your changes in altitude. And when you stop to rest, it records the changes in air pressure. Every pressure drop occurring while you sleep under the stars will be interpreted.
    4. Compass
      The digital compass shows North and cardinal or semi-cardinal points. Declination adjustment lets you correct the difference between true North and magnetic North. You can also set the compass to track a bearing of your choosing, it will help you get around in unknown terrain.
    5. Depth gauge
      Designed for freediving, the Suunto Core depth gauge gives you your current depth and the maximum depth of your dive. Measures depth up to 10m.
    6. Watch
      Watch features include time, second time and date, alarm, sport stopwatch, countdown, estimated sunrise/sunset times for over 400 places worldwide.
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    1. Product catchline
      The Suunto Core features essential outdoor features, lightweight plastic case and fully black elastomer strap.
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