BT 500 Billiards Kit

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Product benefits
  1. Compact design
    Save space: your table (140 x 76) folds up once you're done playing.
  2. Ease of use
    Play right away: your table quickly folds and all accessories are included.
  3. Precision
    You benefit from the same dimensions of an official pool table (L=2W).
  4. Easy assembly / dismantling
    Fold or unfold your table in less than 3 minutes flat!
Product feature
  1. Packaging and assembly of your BT 500 table:
    Your BT 500 kit comes dismantled in a package measuring 81 cm high, 146 cm long, and 15 cm thick with a 167 cm diagonal. Your full BT 500 kit weighs 36 kg. How to assemble the tableYou'll need a friend and a bit of time :)
  2. How to fold and unfold your BT 500:
    You only need 3 minutes to unfold your BT500 table: - Unscrew and remove the adjusting wheel on each side of the table. - Pull the top of the table towards you into a horizontal position. Bring out the second table leg at the same time. - Tighten the adjusting wheels (2 on each side) so that the legs remain stable. To fold up your table, just do the opposite. And it's easy to know which side to fold: the angled foot stays still while the right foot is retractable.
  3. Everything you need for starting out in just one set:
    With this set, you have everything you need for starting out. In addition, your BT 500 billiards table comes with: - two pool cues, 122 cm (or 48" length) with a 12 mm diameter tip. - 15 numbered pool balls, 44 mm diameter. - 1 triangle for placing your balls at the beginning of a game, and 1 brush for cleaning the tabletop.- Chalk for the tip of your pool cues
  4. Size, weight, and shape, we'll tell you everything:
    And just the table? It weighs 33 kg and measures 79 cm high, 140 cm long, and 76 cm wide with a playing surface that measures 64.2 x 128.5 cm. The bed's thickness measures 15 mm. Once folded, your billiards table measures 169 cm high!To play comfortably, the ideal playing space is 13.5 m²
  5. Marbles or balls? Holes or pockets? Here is some pool vocabulary.
    If you ever hear the term "holes" in reference to pool, that isn't the right word for the sport! That's right! If you want to start playing pool, you'll need to put balls in the pockets (not the holes). But how? By shooting the white ball with a cue. Here we talk about a cue, rather than a stick.
  6. Are you learning to play pool? Our team has some tips for starting out:
    Unlike many other opinions, billiards really is a sport! And an accuracy sport in this case. Take some time finding a stable position to become more comfortable and be able to successfully repeat an accurate movement. Finally, rather than rely on luck and circumstance, depend on strategy, accuracy, and success. Got it? Visualise your shots and dare to shoot at the pack to see what you can get :)
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Board : 100.0% Wood - Hard Legs : 100.0% Wood Frame : 100.0% Wood Cushion : 100.0% Rubber - Synthetic Clothes : 100.0% Polyester Pocket : 100.0% Polyester
  2. Approved by
    Corentin, Manon, Denis and Bérangère, members of the Geologic team, gold, silver, and bronze certified in billiards
  3. Storage advice
    We recommend covering your BT 500 pool table with a sheet, keeping it in a dry place away from dust and direct sunlight, and not putting heavy weights on it.
  4. Product information
    Do you want to start playing billiards at home? Play your first game with friends and family on this billiards table that easily folds and unfolds to save space.
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