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Snowboarding in Ireland isn’t something you see everyday but our range of sporting equipment and clothes caters to all customer needs for an adrenaline-fuelled holiday on the slopes in Austria, France or Switzerland. Need a mini or micro snowboard for the kids? Decathlon has you covered, with a full range of gear for snowboarding in adults or junior sizes. Since you won't be snowboarding in Ireland the range is specially created for the climate at holiday ski resorts. ... See more

Snowboards, Clothing and Accessories

When it's time to hit the slopes, get your gear early and make sure you are fully prepared so you can enjoy your holiday. When shopping for snowboard clothing and equipment it is advised to purchase from a store with expertise in the area such as Decathlon. Our staff can help to advise you on any queries you may have on any of our products.


Choose from all-mountain snowboards, wide boards, splitboards, freeride, kids', freestyle and on-piste boards from the extensive range in-store and online. Our extensive range has the perfect equipment for all levels from beginner to expert. For example, a smaller board that is easy to maneuver is the best choice for beginners. There is a full range of boards to fully equip you for snowboarding at Decathlon and don’t stop there, we also stock an extensive range of clothing and accessories for snowboarding.

Snowboard Bindings

A good pair of bindings is essential. Make sure to choose bindings that are designed to fit your board and suit the way you choose to ride. You can get a great range of top quality bindings for snowboarding from Decathlon stores in multiple variations.

Snowboard Boots and Socks

There are multiple styles, fits, flex levels and types of lacing available when it comes to buying a good set of boots. When snowboarding, your foot must be secure and the boot needs to fit correctly to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort. We also stock some of the most foot-pampering snowboarding socks you can find to keep your feet warm on the slopes. There is a great range of boots and socks for snowboarding in-store and online. Feel free to contact us online or call into our store for any advice on what products will best suit your needs.

Snowboard Helmets

Our range of snowboard helmets are designed to ensure safety first and foremost but also ensure comfort. Our snowboard helmets come with excellent ventilation capabilities, are lightweight and provide excellent impact protection. Our snowboard helmets are also adjustable to allow you a more personalized comfort fitting. Our range covers a multitude of sizes and colors that caters for both adults and kids.

Snowboard Gloves and Mittens

Our aim at Decathlon is to provide an extensive range of products to ensure you can enjoy your trip. When you have purchased your snowboard, helmet and bindings, make sure you don’t forget gloves! Our gloves and mittens provide freedom of movement, are waterproof and provide impact protection up to European safety standards. Snowboarding gear from our Ireland Decathlon store includes a range of high quality, durable mittens and gloves for far northern latitudes to ensure you keep warm and safe.

Snowboard Goggles

Snowboard goggles are a must when planning your trip. An excellent range of protective goggles and glasses will provide improved visibility, UV protection and are even excellent in foggy conditions. Our range includes low light or clear lenses that help improve visibility on the slopes and tinted options to ensure visibility in times of peak sunlight also. Our snowboard goggles are adjustable to allow you maximum comfort and offer an excellent field of vision due to our spherical lens.

Snowboard Clothing

Even though you will build up a sweat on the slopes it is important to remain warm. To make this happen Decathlon stocks an extensive range of snowboard clothing including mid and base layers to insulate bloody heat, tops and bottoms designed for comfort and warmth and this is all available in a large variety of colors and sizes with adult and kid options.

Snowboard Mid and Base Layers

Our selection of mid and base layer clothing provides an extra layer of protection against the elements in harsher conditions. Our top quality base layers give you freedom of movement on your board, are lightweight and most importantly keep you warm.

Snowboard Top and Bottom Layers

Our breathable waterproof snowboard pants are designed to keep you warm, are made from breathable material and allow you freedom of movement to showcase your skills on the slopes. Our offering also comes in a variety of colors and sizes with options for adults and kids. When you have selected a pair of snowboard trousers that meet your needs make your way over to our snowboard jacket section where our breathable, warm and waterproof jackets provide excellent protection. All this and more is available online and in-store.

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