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These general terms and conditions of sale apply to the website (the “Website”), which belongs to Decathlon Sports Ireland ltd whose registered office is at St. Margaret's Road, Ballymun, Dublin 11, D11 X2NC, Ireland, Company number 589659(“Decathlon”, “We” or “Us”).
The general terms and conditions of sale (the “General Terms and Conditions of Sale”) are entered into exclusively between Decathlon and any person who orders products and/or services (collectively, the “Products”) on the Website (the “User” or “You”). For the purposes hereof, the User and Decathlon are jointly referred to as the “Parties”.
The User confirms that he/she is of full age or has received parental permission and has the legal capacity to enter into a contract and to place an order on the Website.
By using the Website, You also accept:
Our Data Protection and Cookies Policy which applies to all information submitted to Us via the Website and which may be collected during that operation under prevailing laws. The policy may be accessed on the following internet page:;
Our General Terms and Conditions of Use for the Website may be accessed on the following internet page:;
The applicable terms and conditions are those applicable on the Website on the date on which the order is placed on the Website. These terms and conditions may be amended. They may be accessed from the Website at any time and prevail over any other version or any other conflicting document. You have the option of printing it so that You may refer to it at a later date.


The placing of an order on the Website first requires the creation of a customer account in accordance with the Website’s Terms and Conditions of Use and pursuant to the prevailing laws on the processing of personal data. In order to register, Users are required to complete all mandatory fields, including but not limited to their email address and a password (the “Credentials”), on the registration form available on the following page of the Website: . We shall not be held liable if We do not receive an order or if We are sent incorrect information, whether intentionally or unintentionally.
There are several stages to placing an order on the Website:
You fill your Product basket,
You identify yourself using your Credentials,
You choose your delivery method,
You choose your payment method,
You confirm that You consent to these terms and conditions when You finally confirm your order,
You make your payment request,
You receive an email from the Website acknowledging that your order has been received, which does not mean that your order has been accepted, but means that You agree to pay for your order if We accept it.
You will receive an e-mail from the Website confirming your order. Generation of an order confirmation e-mail means that the Website has accepted your order, which will then form the sales contract between the Parties.

Our Product and price offers apply for as long as they remain visible on the Website, except when special offers are available, in which case the validity period will be stipulated on the Website. You are advised to check the availability of items and, where appropriate, spare parts, on the relevant Product information page.
If an item ordered is not available, We reserve the right to cancel the order, in which case You will be notified by email, and apply a refund.
If You place an order for several Products and one of those Products is unavailable, We will inform You that We are unable to send that Product. The rest of the order will be processed and dispatched to You by the deadline specified on the Website. We may also offer to replace the unavailable item with a similar item of a similar quality, with your prior agreement. In these circumstances, if You exercise your right to cancel the order after receiving the replacement item, You will be liable to pay the postage costs. You may, however, immediately opt to cancel your entire order, in which case You must inform the Customer Service department by phone or e-mail.

The prices of products are those displayed on the Website. They are stated in Euros including all applicable charge in the Republic of Ireland. Any relevant tax is applied at the rate applicable on the order date. The prices displayed on the Website may change but shall have no effect on orders that have already been accepted.
Product prices displayed on the Website exclude postage/shipping, the cost of certain packaging and other optional services selected by the Internet User, for which there will be an additional charge. Any additional charges will be included in the summary of your order, displayed on-screen before the order is finally confirmed.
All products are equally priced online and in our stores throughout Ireland. Should a product displayed in store be more expensive than online we will match the online price.
The website contains a large number of Products and it may be the case, despite our best efforts, that certain Products listed on the Website are incorrectly priced. We generally check prices as part of our shipping procedures so that, where the correct price of a Product is lower than the price displayed, We invoice You for the lower amount.
Users may pay for their purchases by debit or credit card (Visa or Mastercard).
Users may also pay for their Products using a Decathlon gift card or Store credit from your account.
Where You choose to pay by debit card, the price of your selected Products and services will be debited from your bank account once your order, or the part of the order which You have asked to be dispatched separately, is complete and ready to be dispatched.
During the payment transaction process, We ask the card issuer to block the amount of any order before the first item is selected. That means that, even if You order an item, it will seem that You have been invoiced for it but, if We notify the card issuer that the order has been cancelled, the funds will be immediately refunded.
Online payment transactions are put through validation systems by your card issuer. We are not liable if your card issuer refuses to authorise payment for any reason whatsoever. We draw your attention to the fact that your card issuer may charge You processing or online processing fees. We are not responsible for such fees.
We guarantee the security of card payments by engaging a third party company to process payments. Your bank details are forwarded to this company using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, with the result that they do not pass through the Website’s IT system at any time, and are not accessible by the Website or its employees.
If You decide to store the details of your bank card on the Website so that You do not have to re-enter the information when You make a subsequent payment, We undertake to only hold a key which, in conjunction with other information, allows You to pay for the transaction, while the details of your bank card continue to be stored and processed by the third party company.
If an anti-fraud check is carried out to ensure the security of customer transactions, We may ask You to provide one or more documents containing proof of your address and/or a copy of a valid identity card(s) by email, before your order is confirmed. Your order will only be final once the Website has received these documents and issued a confirmation e-mail. In the absence of these documents or if the documents do not adequately establish your identity and address, We reserve the right to reject the order.
The Website also reserves the right to refuse an order in the event of an ongoing payment dispute or an unusually large order.
In order to evidence the contractual relationships We have entered into, orders are stored on a reliable medium. You may access orders You have placed on the Website by going to ‘My account’. In the absence of proof to the contrary, our electronic databases and those of our service providers that are kept under adequate security conditions will constitute proof of all transactions entered into between us. In any event, We recommend that You save the order confirmation email.

We will retain full title to items purchased by You until You have fulfilled all your obligations, particularly by paying the full price of the order, plus interest where applicable.

You have a period of 14 clear days from receipt of your order in which to cancel.
This cancellation period does not apply to:
purchases of perishables such as foodstuffs.
purchases of audio or video recordings and computer software applications that You have unwrapped.
purchases of Products made to the customer's specifications or that are clearly personalized.
The right to cancel will be exercised at your expense, in accordance with the terms and conditions below.
Go to ‘My account’ and click on ‘Track my orders’ to obtain a return number identifying the reason for the return.
You may also notify your decision to cancel this contract by sending a clear, unambiguous notification to the following address:
- by post: Decathlon Sports Ireland St. Margaret's Road, Ballymun, Dublin 11, D11 X2NC, Ireland
- by contacting us via the website:
You must return the Product to the following address:Decathlon Ballymun, St Margaret's Rd, Ballymun, Dublin, Ireland.
If You need to return a product, You must package the relevant item carefully and enclose the return number(s) in the package, either by printing them off the website or copying them onto plain paper (if You wish to follow the returns procedure detailed on the Website).
You may choose how to return your item and whether You wish to take out insurance for loss, theft or destruction of your parcel. We do not cover any of your expenses or postage/shipping costs and will not be liable if We do not receive your parcel. The Website advises Users to send parcels tracked. Generally, all costs and risks arising in connection with returns are to be borne by You.
Only returned items that are complete, in perfect condition, in their original packaging and accompanied by a return number shall be accepted. Otherwise, the return will be deemed non-compliant and You will not receive a refund from Decathlon.
If You follow the returns procedure described above, You will be refunded within 14 days of the date on which Decathlon receives the returned items. This repayment date may be deferred until the earlier of the date on which We receive the Product and the date on which proof of delivery for the Product is sent to Us.
For payments made by bank card, repayment will be made directly to the account connected to your bank card.

Your order will be delivered on the delivery date specified on the order confirmation or, where no delivery date is specified, within 30 days of the order confirmation, save in exceptional circumstances. The delivery time given on the Website begins on the date on which the products You have ordered are dispatched from our warehouse. You will be sent an e-mail confirming that your order has been dispatched.
Products will only be delivered in the Republic of Ireland to the delivery address specified by You when You place your order.
The transfer of risks to You takes place on delivery. It is important that You take all precautions to ensure that your order is received at the address specified by You and that the goods correspond to your order, as set out in the warranties granted by the Website. We strongly encourage You to open parcels in the carrier’s presence to ensure that no item is damaged.
Where a delivery is to be made to a multi-occupancy address, You acknowledge that the order delivery service provided by the carrier is to the multi-occupancy address stipulated in your order, meaning that a delivery may be received by a third party. A “multi-occupancy” address is an address of an establishment such as a school, crèche or association.
Deliveries to certain areas that are not easily accessible will be made to the nearest coastal centre. You should then arrange for the order to be delivered to You by a carrier that is different from the carrier used by the Website. This delivery may be subject to an additional charge by the carrier, which will not be borne by the Website.
We are unable to deliver to military premises owing to the large number of items that have gone missing.
We strongly encourage You to open parcels in the carrier’s presence to ensure that no item is damaged.
If You are unable to take delivery of items delivered by post, You will have a period of fifteen (15) days in which to collect the parcel from the place specified on the order tracking service. Thereafter, the parcel will be returned to the Website. Once the returned order is received at the warehouse, You will be deemed by the Website to have cancelled your order, and You will be refunded the amount of the order after deduction of delivery costs.
For deliveries by appointment (heavy or large Products), the carrier will contact You directly to arrange a delivery time. You must notify Us at least five (5) days prior to the agreed delivery date if You will not be available at the agreed delivery time. If You fail to do so, additional charges will be applied by the carrier.

Although We take reasonable steps to describe the Products as accurately as possible, using the photographs and other images displayed on the Website, the details (such as the colour, design and texture, etc.) that You see on the screen depend on your monitor and, accordingly, do not exactly reflect the actual details of a Product that You receive.
Any information on the Website about a Product’s dimensions is included solely for information purposes. If You have any doubts about the size of any Product You need, We recommend that You contact Us before placing an order.
We invite You to follow the instructions in the help guides available on the Website and to conduct several tests on the equipment received. Certain Products sold on the Website are covered by a sales warranty for the term specified on the relevant Product’s information web page and the information that comes with the actual Product. Please contact us if You have any questions on a Product’s after-sales care or warranty.
Separately from any commercial warranty provided to Users, Decathlon remains liable for defects in sold Products under the legal warranty.
We remind You that, under the statutory warranty on product defects:
You are required to demonstrate the existence of the defect and the time at which it came into existence;
You have a period of six years from delivery of the Product in which to take action;
You may be entitled to a replacement, price reduction, repair or refund;
Please also note that the statutory warranty on product conformity applies separately from any commercial warranty that is offered.
Certain items sold on the Website may be covered by a sales warranty for the term stipulated on the relevant Product page.
If the item ordered by You is covered by a sales warranty, You will receive, at the latest when the order is delivered, a document detailing the contents of the sales warranty, how it works, the cost, duration, territorial scope, and the name and address of the warranty company.
This warranty does not cover problems caused by negligence, damage or inappropriate use of the item, or defects and problems that can only be caused by incorrect installation or handling of the equipment.
If your Product proves to be defective during the statutory or commercial warranty period, or does not conform to the order, You should contact the Website’s After-Sales Department.
In order to return an item to Decathlon, You should go to ‘My account’, click on ‘Track my orders’ and specify the problems or malfunctions encountered with the relevant Product(s). You will then be provided with a returns number.
Under the warranty, the Site offers you two choices:
return your Product to the Website: Decathlon Sports Ireland St. Margaret's Road, Ballymun, Dublin 11, D11 X2NC, Ireland.
Postage/shipping costs must be paid as provided for by law, regardless of the solution You have chosen. However, You are solely liable for all product postage/shipping costs relating to a return under a sales warranty.
Once the Product has been processed by the Website, which will check whether it is covered by the legal or sales warranty, the Product will be repaired or exchanged.
If the cause of the problem is covered by the legal or sales warranty and the Product is irreparable and cannot be exchanged for an identical or equivalent Product, You will be given a credit note or a refund. In all cases, We will suggest the most appropriate solution (replacement of the faulty part, replacement of the item or reimbursement).
If an item is returned inappropriately or without good reason or if You have not read and followed the instructions in the help guides provided on the Website, the return will be deemed non-compliant and processed as such. Similarly, any items that are returned without a returns number will be systematically processed as non-compliant returns.
You are reminded that You may choose how to return your item and whether You wish to take out insurance for loss, theft or destruction of your parcel. The Website does not cover any of these expenses and will not be liable if your parcel is not received. Lastly, You are responsible for packaging your Product to ensure that there is no risk of damage or deterioration in transit.
Modification of our product(s) after purchase is a breach of these Terms and Conditions and voids the protection(s) that may be afforded under: (i) the statutory warranty; (ii) sales warranty; and/or any other legal right or remedy.

Nothing in these conditions limits or excludes our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or for a fraudulent declaration or any other liability that, under applicable prevailing laws, may not be limited or excluded.
Subject to the foregoing, if You are a consumer and not a professional user, in no circumstances shall We be liable for your commercial losses and, if You are a professional user, in no circumstances shall We be liable for any indirect losses, consequential losses, loss of profit, income, contracts, data, goodwill or other similar losses, and any liability We may have in respect of your losses shall be strictly limited to losses that are reasonably foreseeable.
In general terms and without limitation, in no circumstances may We be held liable for:
- any network malfunction that disrupts the Website;
- the consequences of any computer virus, bug, problem or fault; or
- any damage caused to a User’s computer.

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale comprise all the clauses herein. They may not be amended without our written explicit consent. If We choose not to enforce any of the clauses of these terms and conditions at any time, We shall not be deemed to have waived our right to subsequently rely on those clauses. If any clause is held to be invalid, the other clauses shall remain valid.
Should any provision of these terms and conditions be held to be null or void pursuant to a law or regulation or following a final judicial or administrative decision, the other provisions hereof shall remain in full force and effect. We will replace the provision at issue with a valid provision that has a scope similar to the spirit of these terms and conditions.
You may not transfer or assign any of your rights or obligations under any agreement. Any comments that You send Us on these general terms and conditions of sale must be sent in writing to the address stated at the end of these general terms and conditions. We may contact You either via email or by using the postal address that You gave Us when You placed your order.
These General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall be governed by Irish law. The competent court in the event of a dispute will be the court with jurisdiction over the defendant's address or, at the claimant's choice, the place where the Product was delivered. You are informed that, in the event of a dispute, You may use any other alternative dispute resolution method.
In connection with a business-to-business sales contract, the Parties expressly agree that this agreement shall be governed by Irish law. The Parties expressly agree that the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not apply to their relationship. Accordingly, any dispute that is not resolved amicably will be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent local courts, even in the event of multiple defendants and/or if a third party is joined to the proceedings, even for urgent proceedings or protective proceedings brought on an urgent application or an ex parte application.
The present contract is concluded in English.

Should You have any questions or issues concerning a purchase made or to be made via the Website, please contact the Customer Relations Centre:
- by Email: [email protected] - Between 9 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday
- by Post: Decathlon Sports Ireland St. Margaret's Road, Ballymun, Dublin 11, D11 X2NC, Ireland - If You already have a customer account on the Website, You can go to the ‘My account’ page

As standard, all our bikes will now be delivered with the European standard of brake system with the front brake on the left hand side of the handlebars. Should you wish to revert this to the traditional set up, our team of in store mechanics will assist free of charge.

1. The promotor is Decathlon Sports Ireland Limited (“Decathlon”) Saint Margaret's Road, Dublin 11, Ireland.
2. The “Decathlon Bike Give Away” competition (the “Competition”) is only open to entry by individuals who are aged 18 years and over and who reside in Ireland (excluding Northern Ireland). No syndicates or groups will be allowed to participate.
3. Employees and / or relatives of employees of Decathlon, its associated companies and any agents connected to the Competition are not eligible to enter the Competition and / or win any prize.
4. Entry into the Competition will be deemed to be a full and unconditional acceptance by the entrant of these terms and conditions. A failure to adhere to these terms and conditions may result (at the sole discretion of Decathlon) in disqualification from the Competition and, if applicable, forfeiture of the prize(s).

5. To enter the Competition, entrants must spend at least €30 (excluding delivery fees) in a single purchase on the Decathlon Sports Shop app using their Decathlon membership account.
6. Only one participation is permitted per customer and Decathlon membership irrespective of the number of purchases made during the Competition time. Purchases paid with gift cards and / or vouchers will not be eligible for the Competition.
7. The Competition opens at midnight on 8th April 2024 and closes at midnight on 15 April 2024.
8. By entering the Competition you will be eligible for a chance to win a B'Twin Low frame mid-drive motor electric hybrid bike e-actv 500 - green (model code: 8751856), valued at €2,050 (the “Prize”).
9. The Prize is not transferable and no alternative, whether cash or otherwise, will be offered.
10. All successful entries received will be entered into the competition draw.
11. Decathlon will contact the winner of the Prize by email one week after the draw closes (i.e. by 15 April 2024).
12. To claim the Prize, the winner will be required to send a valid proof of age and proof of residency as directed by Decathlon within three working days of being notified by Decathlon that they have won the Prize. Should the winner be unable or unwilling to provide such proofs, Decathlon may at its sole discretion award the Prize to a replacement winner without future reference or obligation to the original winner.
13. Incomplete, illegible or late entries will not be accepted and the decision of Decathlon will be final in this respect.
14. Decathlon accepts no responsibility for any entries not received, or for undelivered or delayed entries which were unable to be submitted or received due to technical failure or any other reason beyond its control. Decathlon accepts no responsibility for any failed, partial or garbled telephone computer transmissions for any computer, cable, network, electronic or internet hardware or software malfunctions, for any failures, connections, availability, the acts or omissions of any service provider, for any internet accessibility or availability, traffic congestion or for any human act not authorised by Decathlon.

15. By entering the Competition entrants agree to participate in such Decathlon’s publicity relating to the Competition and the Prize, including but not limited to the publication of their names and photograph for advertising and/or promotional purposes on Decathlon’s social media and other channels. Should a winner be unable or unwilling to take part in any such publicity, Decathlon may at its sole discretion choose a replacement winner without future reference to or obligation to the original winner.
16. Decathlon reserves the right to vary, cancel or modify the Competition and or the terms and conditions at any time and for whatever reason and / or amend or withdraw the Competition and / or the Prizes) in whole or in part at any time due to unforeseen circumstances. Decathlon is also entitled to vary the Prize if, due to unforeseen circumstances it becomes impossible to provide the Prizes as described or, in its opinion, it would be inappropriate in any way. In that event, a prize of equal or greater value will be offered. Decathlon is also entitled (at its sole discretion) to give out secondary/runner up prizes if, in its opinion, it would be appropriate in any way. In all respects, Decathlon’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into in respect of Decathlon’s decision.
17. In consideration for entry into the Competition, entrants agree to assign to Decathlon (or any associated company of Decathlon nominated by Decathlon) irrevocably and absolutely all right, title and interest in the copyright in the answer submitted by the entrant in Ireland (and/or any other intellectual property rights subsisting in the entrant’s answer) and throughout the world, for the full duration of such copyright and / or intellectual property rights including any extensions and renewals, including the fright to sue for past infringement of such rights. Entrants hereby waive all moral rights to the extent permissible by law, and agree that Decathlon and its associated companies will be free to alter, modify, adapt, or amend the packaging design as it sees fit in its absolute discretion. Entrants agree to enter into such further documentation as is required by Decathlon to give full effect to this clause.
18. Save as provided in these terms and conditions, Decathlon will only use personal details of each entrant for the purposes of hosting and administering the Competition and any promotional activities in connection with the Competition (including sharing your details with other third parties that Decathlon engage to assist in the hosting and administering of the Competition and promotional activities in connection with the Competition), and an entrant’s personal information will not be used for any other purpose whatsoever without their prior permission, unless there is a legal obligation to do so. Any personal information held by Decathlon for the purposes of the Competition will be held in accordance with Decathlon privacy statement ((details of which can be found at Decathlon will not retain your personal data that is obtained through the Competition for longer than is necessary. You can also request Decathlon at any time to correct or to delete such personal data. You can send requests for access, correction or removal of your personal data [email protected] mentioning your name and postal address.
19. Decathlon does not warrant that any use of, or access to the website or the Decathlon Sports Store app will be uninterrupted by error or virus free nor will Decathlon have any liability for damage caused by hostile software which may infect an entrant’s equipment or property as a result of that entrant using or browsing the website or the Decathlon Sports Store app.
20. No warranty or guarantee is given by Decathlon in relation to the Prize and, to the fullest extent permitted by law, Decathlon, its agents, associated companies and trading partners will not be liable for any loss, damage, delay, additional expenses, injury or death howsoever caused, whether in contract, tort (including without limitation negligence, fraud or malicious act), statutory or otherwise arising out of the Competition or receipt or use of the Prize awarded pursuant to the Competition and Decathlon does not recommend or guarantee the performance of any contractor or the obligations of any third parties associated with the Decathlon (including without limitation the manufacturer or promoter of the Decathlon) and will not be liable for any fraud committed by any third party.
21. The competition and these terms and conditions will be governed by the laws of Ireland and be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Ireland.

22. During the Competition any person with any request or complaint concerning the Competition and terms and conditions should email the following email at [email protected]. You will be contacted within a reasonable time after receipt. Decathlon will not engage in any correspondence related to the selection of the winner.

1. General terms and conditions of sale and delivery apply. 2. This promo consists of receiving double points onto your Decathlon membership account per purchase on the Decathlon Shopping App only. 3. The extra points will be added to your membership account between 24 and 62 hours after the purchase. 4. If you earn points on your purchase and make a return the points you earned will be deducted from your membership account. 5. This promo applies to purchases in the Decathlon Ireland Shopping App only. 6. Purchases can be made in app (including click & collect) using your Decathlon membership account. 7. This promo runs from Tuesday 18th of June, 2024 0:01am to Sunday 23rd of June, 2024 23:59pm only. 8. Your Decathlon membership must be linked to purchase at checkout. 9. This promo does not apply to gift card purchases or connected orders. You cannot collect double points on either of these purchases.