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Under current guidelines our Dublin store is open for the following essential services. 

  1. Bikes & Commuting: Bicycles, scooters, skates, bike accessories & spare parts.
  2. Clothing for Cycling: All cycling clothes, high visibility clothing, waterproof clothing, socks, fleeces, base layers & cycling shoes. 
  3. Workshop Services: Services for bikes and scooters.
  4. Food and Drink: All nutrition, supplements, sports drinks.
  5. Rehabilitation, physical therapy & medical: Toning weights, toning items, resistance bands, massaging items, mats, shoe insoles & medical care.
  6. Safety products: Helmets (bike and horse riding), body protection, buoyancy aids, tow buoys & first aid kits.
  7. Animal Care: Horse feed, Grooming items, horse accessories, dog items, fish bait/food. 
  8. Children's Shoes: By appointment only, measuring sizing for kids shoes. 


If you have any question or a problem please contact us. 

"Satisfied or satisfied."

If you are not happy, we are not happy.

Send us an email:


Our working hours: Monday- Friday: 9 AM - 6 PM.

Our team is doing their best to answer all queries as soon as possible, we are currently experiencing an unprecedented spike in communications and appreciate your patience at this time.

Contact our store:

you can speak with one of our teammates by calling us on 01 253 0166.

Our working hours: Monday - Sunday: 10 AM - 6 PM.