Our Mission

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Decathlon's main mission is to make sport accessible to as many people as we can. We would like to help, inspire and guide you through your sports experiences. We believe that being active and discovering new sports every day is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Let's do some sports together, as together is always more fun!



Vitality is Life, intense activity, energy, drive, and vigor. Our employees are full of vitality as they have, first and foremost, a positive mindset and are bursting with energy. They are enthusiastic, they love creating and innovating, and relentlessly strive to improve and make things around them change.


Being responsible is about making decisions and making sure they are acted upon. Our employees are fully responsible for their decisions, both in terms of their team and their customers. Responsibility is also about anticipating the challenges facing society and orienting our actions towards sustainable development. And it is also our responsibility to guarantee the safety of our customers and employees all over the world.


Innovation is an important part of everything we do. We are exploring and researching new products, concepts and event ideas regularly to ensure your sports experience is constantly improving.


Our teammates are the engine of everything we do. That's why we are investing in our people and we always co-build the future of Decathlon together. Everyone has their say in our strategy and project ideas. We believe in the motto: "Happy employees, Happy Customers".


In Decathlon, we believe that preserving our planet is crucial for our future. We try to always work towards green planet projects, such as: "100 green energy consumption by 2019"; "Recycle waste in order to reach 0% landfill by 2019"; "100% freehold sites producing renewable energy with solar panels by 2019" Decathlon Sports Ireland Limited will take back your Waste and Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) on a one-for-one, like-for-like basis, free of charge at the time of delivery or at any one of our store(s) nationwide. Waste batteries are taken back in store on a one-for zero basis (i.e. no purchase required) as long as they are of equivalent type to that sold by us. WEEE and waste batteries can also be returned to your local civic amenity site free of charge. The following link will show you how to find the civic amenity site closest to you where you can recycle your WEEE, batteries and light bulbs, https://www.weeeireland.ie/household-recycling/where-can-i-recycle/ - Never put WEEE, batteries or light bulbs in any of your bins.