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Are you dying to try out some new snow sports this winter? Because we are and we can’t wait to hit the local hills with some brand-new sledges. Over the years we often forget to invest in a sledge before the snow hits and then end up looking on in jealousy as others whizz down the hills in the local park on some brand-new sledges, but not this year. It's time to invest in a snow sledge for the family so you're fully winter-ready. ... See more

Browse our entire collection of sledges and accessories and when you have made your decision, choose whether you want to receive your new products via our speedy home delivery service or our convenient click-and-collect option. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we offer a 2 year warranty for all Decathlon products and a 365 day returns offer for all online orders.

What is sledging?

Sledging is a winter sport that can be enjoyed by the entire family, both kids and adults. It involves sitting in a vehicle known as a sled, or sledge, and sliding down a snowy hill. You determine the speed and direction you travel in by moving your body around while staying inside the sledge. To have the most control over your sledge make sure to always face forward when sitting in it. This will make steering your snow sled much easier. There are two main ways that you can turn while sledging. You can either lean in the direction that you want to turn or put your foot into the snow on the side that you want to turn to. We recommend using your body movements as it's always safer to stay contained in your sledge. When you need to stop or slow down you can either wait for the end of the slope to come and you’ll eventually run out of momentum or you can put both feet out into the snow. The beauty of the sledges available at Decathlon is that they can be easily transported anywhere. Is it a fifteen-minute walk to your nearest snow-covered hill? That's no problem, just attach a lead from our sledge accessories to your sledge to easily pull it behind you as you walk there.

What makes sledging so great?

People underestimate the value of sledging in Ireland. Think back to some of your fondest memories as a kid and you'll remember at least one epic snow day when your parents took you down to the park that had been transformed into this amazing winter sledging resort filled with kids playing and having the time of their lives. Sledging with everyone from your childhood leads to some of the most magical memories you’ll experience. The competitiveness that comes with sledging mightn't seem like something that makes it great but just think about the rush you'll get from whizzing down that hill at your top speed and just beating your best friend by a hair. Of course, they’ll argue and say they one, but we all know you actually won and they’re being a sore loser. Hitting the hills to go sledging with your family is an excellent way for everyone to bond and have fun together. The parents can sit back with a hot drink and watch their kids make memories that'll last a lifetime until they're inevitably dragged onto the slopes to race the kids. Your relaxing hot drink is now ruined, but it’ll be worth it to bring you back to your childhood. We don’t always get a lot of snow in Ireland, so it's always good to take the time to appreciate how beautiful our country is when it's snow-covered. Whether you enjoy it by sledging or by just sitting back and enjoying the views is up to you.

Choosing the perfect sledge and accessories

It’s sometimes hard to know what to buy for a sport that you don’t really know much about, but lucky for you, at Decathlon, our team is here to help you find the perfect sledge and the accessories to go with it. Just reach out to us online or visit us in-store and an expert member of our staff will be happy to help you. We hope you enjoy browsing our selection of sledges and related accessories and that your new sledge brings you and your kids hours of fun this winter. See more