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Chain Wear Indicator

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We designed this chain wear indicator for easily and quickly measuring the degree of wear on your bike chain.


Compact design

Compact, lightweight object.

Ease of use

Insert directly between the chain's links.


Quickly and easily read the degree of wear on your bike's chain.


How to use this tool.

Place your bike on your workshop stand (for greater comfort) or against a wall.

Insert the left-hand side of the tool into a link on your chain (make sure the small hook is well inserted into the link), then lower the right-hand side onto the chain to read the result.

Once it has been properly installed on your chain, the chain wear indicator should lie as flat as possible.

How do you interpret the result?

If the tip of the tool (the right-hand part) does not go beyond the line above the "OK" sign, then your chain and cassette are in perfect running order.

If you press the right-hand tip of the tool in between the 2 lines of the "1", then you need to change your chain.

If you press the right-hand point of the tool beyond the line at the start of part "2", then you need to change your chain and cassette or freewheel.

How often should you use the tool?

It all depends on how often you ride.

We recommend that you check the condition of your chain once a month to ensure that your gears shift smoothly and that you don't wear out your cassette or freewheel prematurely, so that you don't have to change them more quickly than necessary.

Did you know?

Maintaining your drive train ensures that your gears shift smoothly, extends the life of your components and eliminates unwanted noise. We advise you to follow the 3 recommended steps:

01 Degrease your drive train

02 Clean your bike

03 Lubricate your chain

You can find all our maintenance products on our website or in our shops.

Testing your chain wear regularly will prevent premature wear of your drive train.

Tip from the pros:

This chain wear indicator is a precision tool. If the tool is dropped, this could affect its precision and the result obtained.

Be careful when handling the tool and protect it from being dropped.

Product characteristics:

Length: 12.27 cm

Height: 2.65 cm

Thickness: 2 mm

Weight: 29 g

Made in:




Metallic structure: 100.0% Steel

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Protect your tool from being dropped to preserve its accuracy.



2 Years