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Scuba diving mouthpiece regulator monodensity for women and children in blue

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Colour: BLUE
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Our Subea teams developed a mouthpiece regulator specially designed for smaller mouths!


Easy assembly / dismantling

Adaptable to all regulators. Secure with a clamping collar.

Mouth comfort

Exclusive anatomical silicone mouthpiece developed with orthodontists.


SUBEA regulators: exclusive anatomical mouthpiece!

These regulator mouthpieces have been designed to be highly comfortable in the mouth thanks to their anatomical shape developed with orthodontists.The exclusive shape of this mouthpiece makes it easier to keep inside your mouth thanks to the bite wings, tongue support and the different thicknesses and densities of the material (mono and bi-density) that take into account the jaw closure angle.

Maintenance tips

After a particularly busy season or after a long period of inactivity, Subea recommends inspection and maintenance either annually or after 100 dives to maintain the warranty.



Chassis: 100.0% Silicone

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

It is important to store diving equipment away from sources that produce ozone. Keep your equipment in a dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

Restrictions on use

Diving requires the certification of an instructor.


Test product

All our regulators were also developed through usability or convenience testing (static, dynamic and biomechanical analysis) conducted by DAN Europe, as a specialist and independent consultant.


2 Years

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Our technical partner: Planet Ocean, a 5-star PADI diving centre based at TRIBORD.The centre uses SUBEA equipment throughout the year.The team of instructors are rigorously involved in the development of our diving products.From the design stage, with product managers, designers and engineers, through prototype testing to long-term wear tests, with the help of novice divers and training instructors.