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Smart Electric City Bike 920 E Connect LF - Dark Green

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This smart e-bike has a powerful mid-drive motor to help you carry your belongings around town on day-to-day journeys.



Lithium-Ion 36V 11.6Ah battery (417 Wh capacity) with a range of 50-90 km


Compatible with the basket, child seat and pannier rack from this product range.

Ease of use

Shimano Nexus 7 to shift gear (grip shifter) even when stationary.


Hills are easy now thanks to the Brose 50 Nm mid-drive motor.

Bike safety

LED lights built into the frame at the front and the mudguard at the rear.


Connect your bike to your smartphone via the Decathlon Geocover app

Braking power

The Tektro hydraulic disc brakes provide powerful braking.



Integrated 2G/WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity

This e-bike comes with integrated electronics that let you connect your bike to your smartphone and convert it into a "super bike".

This means you can see your bike's exact location at any time and instantly know if it has been stolen.

This technology has been developed by our Dutch partner AXA Security, which has specialised in bike security (lights and locks) for over 100 years.

Connectivity cost

Connectivity, such as locating your bike, has a cost: SIM card, 2G consumption, bike usage data processing, etc.

The first year of this service comes with purchase of the bike and is then subject to a fee, (starting from the second year of use) but with no commitment required!

You can choose whether or not, from the second year, to subscribe to this package (€2/year) allowing you to use the functions of the Decathlon Geocover App.

What's the point of a "smart" bike?

A "smart" bike is a bike that has been "augmented" with super powers!

This type of bike gives you a set of features and services that you just can't get from a non-smart, "classic" bike.

For example, you'll get an alert when somebody else touches your bike or when it moves without your knowledge.

Other features that are handy for cyclists are included, with new ones being added frequently. So these bikes just keep getting better!

Smart solution to protect against theft

With the Decathlon Geocover app, you can subscribe to exclusive LAKA insurance costing €10/month maximum for complete protection (accidents, damage, theft, etc) of the bike, accessories AND its battery, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, even on public roads.

If your bike is not found after 48 hours, LAKA will immediately offer a new replacement bike equivalent to the bike you had.


Brose Drive C Mag 36 V 250 Watt mid-drive motor. Belt drive for a silent ride.

Max motor torque of 50 Nm. This number tells you how easily the bike will deal with certain difficulties (such as a hill).

The motor is coupled to a torque sensor to adjust the electrical assistance based on the movement of the pedals and the pressure exerted on them, just like a car accelerator.

Assistance control

There's an LED LCD control screen on the left of the handlebar so you can choose one of the 3 assistance levels without letting go of the handlebar:

Off Mode - Deactivated (the battery is not used).

Mode 1 - Economy:

up to 70% assistance;

Mode 2 - Normal: up to 140% assistance;

Mode 3 - Sport: up to 280% assistance.

Walk mode: provides assistance when you're pushing your bike (up to 6 km/h).

Other screen features

Remaining battery life (percentage).


Current speed,

Total distance (ODO),

Today's distance (TRIP: reset it by holding down the "-" button for several seconds)

Distance that can be covered with the remaining battery life based on the mode being used (TRIP TO GO).

You can also turn the lights on, which will activate the screen's backlighting.

There's a USB port under the screen to keep your smartphone or power pack topped up.


Lockable battery (supplied with two keys).

The battery is also removable for recharging (at the office, for example).


The battery ranges are an example only and are based on a person weighing 70 kg riding on a relatively flat route.

NB: Battery range may vary depending on the weight being transported (user weight + weight of bags), the gradient (uphill) and the weather conditions (low temperatures reduce battery life).

Shimano Nexus gear changes

This type of gear system is designed to let you change gear when stationary, without pedalling. It makes it easier to get your bike going again, particularly when you're carrying a lot of stuff.

The system is also shock-resistant because it's completely integrated into the rear wheel's hub and therefore needs very little maintenance.

There's a grip shifter to control it.

WARNING: the system needs you to stop pedalling for 1 second to change gear


6061 aluminium frame for less weight and more dynamism

Available in a unisex low-frame version to make it easier to step onto, as well as a high-frame version.

Frame weight: Between 4.6 kg and 4.8 kg depending on the size and type of frame.

Matte white powder paint finish.


Suntour Nex aluminium recreational suspension fork with 63 mm travel to absorb bumps in the road and keep you more comfortable as you ride.


Tektro hydraulic disc brakes

Aluminium brake levers.

Handlebar / stem / steering

Aluminium Dutch-type handlebar and quill stem (diameter: 25.4 mm) that can be moved up or down for a more comfortable, upright back position.

Grips with connectors for attaching Vioo Clip lights to make you visible from the sides when riding.


Aluminium seat post (diameter: 28.6 mm)

Wide saddle whose foam padding varies in hardness based on the pressure points between your bum and the saddle. Adjustable clamp so you can optimise the saddle position.

Lockable seat clamp (diameter: 31.8 mm) so opportunist thieves can't steal your saddle / seatpost.


AXA LED battery-powered front and rear lights that need your control screen to be on. Front light built into the frame and back light built into the rear mudguard to stop it getting broken.

20 LUX lights.

Can be seen from 150 m at the rear, and illuminates 30 m at the front.

Rear reflector built into the pannier rack.

Drivetrain / Pedals

7-speed Shimano Nexus internal geared hub controlled by a grip shifter. 44 T single chainring, 170 mm aluminium cranks, and 19 T cog.

Development in metres: 3.12 m to 7.66 m. You can change gear when stationary, which is highly practical in the city. Single chainring and single cog to limit maintenance and chain drops. Chain tensioner to compensate for stretching.

KMC Z1eHX narrow EPT anti-rust chain specially reinforced for e-bikes.

Aluminium city cycling pedals.


Gum Wall 60 TPI, 700x44 ball type tyres to smooth out bumps and keep you more comfortable as you ride.

Schrader type valves.

The ideal pressure is between 3.5 and 4 bars. This optimises the battery life and prevents punctures.

1 mm nylon tyre liner integrated into the tyre's tread.

The bike is equipped with 3/8" axles with 26 threads per inch. (front and rear wheel)

Reflective strip for improved visibility.


Rear pannier rack, battery-powered front and rear lights, front and rear mudguard, side stand, chain guard.


Side stand that's screwed to the frame and specially chosen to support the weight of an e-bike, as well as keeping your bike more stable when parked.

Not designed to support the weight of a child seat and child when stationary.

Compatible Accessories

The pannier rack can hold 27 kg, including a pannier-mounted child seat or any of our Elops bags.The frame is fitted with inserts for attaching a folding lock and a frame lock such as a RINGLOCK (rear wheel frame lock that stops the back wheel from turning when the bike is parked).

The handlebar is compatible with your 500 12-litre front basket.

This bike has not been tested and approved for use with a trailer.

How does an e-bike work?

E-bikes assist your pedalling so you needn't work up too much of a sweat. But for the motor to provide this assistance, you still need to pedal.

The motor powers you up to a maximum speed of 25 km/h and cuts out when you stop pedalling.

If you don't want to use the assistance, it can be turned off at any time so that you can ride as if you were on a normal bike.

Your e-bike has also been tested for riding in the rain.

Which is the right size?

2 sizes available, with 2 frame shapes: high and low.

Size S / M:from 1.55 m to 1.75 m

Size L/XL: from 1.75 m to 1.95 m

If you're between sizes, the bigger size will give you a higher, more comfortable position.

Bike weight

(pedals and battery included):

Size M: 26.08 kg (high frame) and 25.2 kg (low frame)

Size L: 26.58 kg (low frame) and 25.88 kg (high frame)

Maximum weight

This e-bike has been approved according to standard EN 15194 for a maximum weight of 150 kg (bike + user + load weight).

How to charge your e-bike

The removable, lockable battery can be charged at a mains socket either on the bike or off it. The bike comes with a charger for this purpose.

It takes 5 hours to fully charge a completely drained battery.

Maintenance / Storage

A Li-ion battery should ideally be charged regularly, before it gets completely drained.

If you aren't using your battery for an extended period, store it in "deep sleep" mode at 80% charge. Otherwise, charge it every 3 months.

To keep it at its best, store the battery in a warm, dry place (25°C).

Availability of spare parts

Electrical parts will be available for 10 years (motor, battery, electrical parts) or, if they're changed, they'll be backwards compatible.

Care tips

1) Before performing any work on your e-bike (electrical or mechanical maintenance), you must turn off your bike and remove the battery. 2) Remember to service the drivetrain (clean and lubricate the chain).

3) Do not use a pressure washer.

Storage tips

It's recommended that you store the bike in a sheltered place or protect it with a cover.

It's also recommended that you remove the battery and store it at room temperature when you're not using it for an extended period, as explained in the instructions.


The marine environment (air, ocean spray) is extremely corrosive for mechanical and metallic parts, so it's strongly recommended that you regularly lubricate your bike's entire drive train and clean the positioning elements (handlebar, seatpost, etc.) with a damp cloth from time to time to remove any salt deposits that may accumulate.

Pannier rack restrictions

The pannier rack on this bike is approved to carry loads up to 27 kg.

So it is prohibited to ride with an adult seated on the pannier rack.


Designed in Lille by a team of engineers and designers

Assembled in Portugal.


"This first connected Decathlon bike is above all an effective response to the fight against bike theft and to make the electric bike a real and lasting alternative to combustion engine vehicles.This technical solution also makes it possible to benefit from new services that are not possible with a NON-connected bike. These are intelligent and evolving "augmented" bikes that contribute to a more enjoyable, safe and practical daily cycling experience



Bike frame: 100.0% Aluminium

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

If possible:<br /> - Store the bike in a sheltered place or protect it with a cover. <br /> - Remove the battery and store it around room temperature if it isn't being used for several months.

Restrictions on use

Its smart features are no substitute for a good bike lock.



2 Years

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This bike has been developed and honed by our design teams, before being tested and approved by our testers out on the roads to make sure it perfectly meets the needs of urban cyclists.