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Trick 100 Skateboard Wheel Block

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Colour: PURPLE
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Our passionate skateboarding team designed this accessory to make learning basic tricks easier for beginners.


Easy assembly / dismantling

Install the Trick 100 without any tools: just clip it to the truck.

Easy transport

Compact format so you can take it with you and use it whenever you want.


Better balance: the Trick 100 lets you block your skateboard wheels!

Ease of learning

Focus on coordinating your moves: your skateboard won't roll away.


How does the Trick 100 work?

"To learn to do tricks without your skateboard moving, you can stand on grass, but then it's harder to pop."

Based on their own experiences, our skateboarding team developed an accessory to keep the skateboard from moving to practise tricks without worrying about having to balance.

How? With a clip that attaches to the truck in a flash to lift the skateboard wheels!

A trick for your trucks: about the design of the Trick 100:

The Trick 100 is sold in a two-pack. This way you can either immobilise both rear wheels or one front and one rear wheel on the diagonal.

The Trick 100 features a practical design in TPU, making it lightweight and easy to carry.

You won't need any tools to install it: just clip it on any size truck to lift any wheel size from 52 to 56mm.

Placing the Trick 100s for tricks: a how-to guide

It's easy for your skateboard to slip out from under you, leaving you flat on the ground.

To make working on your tricks a little easier, the Trick 100 lets you raise your wheels to keep them from moving.

Which figures can you practise? Any you can do when stopped:

- Shove-it, with a Trick 100 on the front and rear trucks

- Kickflip and ollie, with both Trick 100s on the rear truck.

The origins of the Trick 100:

This product came about to try and help beginners learn basic skateboarding tricks. We quickly saw that by keeping the wheels from moving, you can focus on your moves without worrying about your balance or falling.

Next came two years of studies, dozens of prototypes and tests with partners and schools.

The result is a simple, practical accessory that keeps you on your feet!

One last tip before getting on your board?

Jean-Philippe, product manager at DECATHLON Skateboarding, has this tip:

"Remember to always wear protective gear: that way, if you fall you won't get hurt and can get right back on your board! Taking a class or two is also a great idea: there are more and more skateboarding schools these days. Classes help you learn faster and pick up good habits from the start, like pushing off with your back foot!"



Main part: 100.0% Thermoplastic Polyurethane


Test product

Our products are tested in the laboratory. These tests validate their compliance with the standards for skateboard decks as well as their resistance to wear. As well as lab tests we do field tests - some measured and others based on the testers' opinions - to really put the product through its paces. To do this, we rely on our community of skateboarding partners and schools in Europe.


2 Years