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Ultra-Compact Folding Bike Fold Light 1 Second - Beige

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Designed for commuters who want an ultra-compact bike that they can take anywhere. It lets you switch from walking to cycling in 1 motion and 1 second!


Compact design

16'' wheels. Single-arm frame and fork. Take it anywhere! (underground, office)

Easy transport

The handle under the saddle makes it easy to carry.

Easy opening / closing

It's so easy to fold up. And it takes just 1 motion, and 1 SECOND, to unfold!

Ease of use

Designed to be comfortable to hold and steer. Automatically locking hinges.


Weighs just 12 kg.Very balanced when you carry it folded up.0 worries with steps

Easy to move

Bike rolls along brilliantly when folded up!Push & steer it with just 1 hand!


Go further and faster with its 9 gears. It adapts to suit your journeys.

Cycling comfort

Ergonomic grips.Comfortable, seamless foam saddle. 70° back position



Accessories that AREN'T compatible

- This bike is not compatible with a rear pannier rack. This is because it only has a single chainstay at the back.

- Pannier racks that attach to the seat post are not compatible either.

- Child seats are not compatible

- Child trailers are not compatible

Bike dimensions

Folded (L/H/W):

71 x 69.5 x 35 cm

Perfect for switching between transport modes!

You can take it absolutely anywhere, including in the tightest of spaces, such as trains, the underground, lifts, turnstiles, security gates and car boots.

Unfolded (L/H/W):

129 x 107 x 57 cm

Bike stability: 3 stands

- Adjustable stand with a button to adjust the length. The stand keeps the bike stable when it's unfolded (whether or not you have bags on it).

- Frame support stand that the bike rests on as you fold it and that protects the chainset.

- The bottom of the seat post turns into a stand if you lower it all the way when folding the bike. This keeps the bike incredibly stable when it's folded so that you can put it away or take it on public transport.

Bike weight

The Fold Light 1" weighs in at just 12 kg!

It's very light and incredibly easy to transport thanks to:

- its 6061 T6 aluminium frame and fork.

- its single-arm frame and fork design, making it very narrow.

- its good balance when folded.

Simply hold your bike by the handle under the saddle.

Climbing up stairs or onto the train will be an absolute breeze.


This bike has V-brakes with aluminium levers and calipers for powerful, progressive braking.

Recommendation:your brakes will gradually wear out over time. How quickly they wear out will depend on how much you ride and how you ride.

If your brakes become too soft, and your levers end up touching the grips when you squeeze them, we recommend adjusting your brakes yourself or getting a workshop to do this for you.


9 speeds

Gearing: 11 / 28 teeth

- 11 teeth on the smallest cog. For riding faster.

- 28 teeth: on the biggest cog. You won't have to push the pedals too hard.

Crankset / Pedals

52t aluminium chainring with 170 mm cranks.

Folding pedals so that the bike is even more compact when folded.


You'll be amazed by the Fold Light 1"!

Its Shimano Sora 9-speed drive train (the same one we use on road bikes) makes it incredibly efficient, especially for an ultra-compact bike.

The trigger system makes gear changes precise and reliable.

This bike is great on both flats and downhills. It adapts to whatever happens on your ride and helps you manage your effort.

Fastening system

The Fold Light 1" is held in its folded position by a brand-new system.

Magnets located on the front and rear hubs hold the bike's wheels parallel.

Once folded, the stem is held against the frame by a clip system.

This clever system allows you to push your bike when it's folded, and to carry it without a second thought.


Single-arm, 6061-T6 aluminium frame for less weight and more strength.

The single-arm fork design makes the bike incredibly narrow when folded.

In fact, it's only 35 cm wide. That's 20% more compact than our 20" folding bikes.

We've also used topology optimisation to develop a more "open" frame.

This technology ensures that we use just the right amount of material while retaining the necessary rigidity.


6061 T6 aluminium frame that's lightweight, dynamic and sturdy.

The single-arm frame design at the back makes the bike much narrower when folded.

It's only 35 cm wide. That's 20% more compact than the 20" folding bikes in our range.

Frame colour

You might notice "imperfections" in the colour of the green frame. This is not a quality defect, but rather the result of our design choice to use brushed aluminium and a smoky varnish. Your bike will therefore look like no other!

How can you carry your bags?

The bike comes with mounting points on the frame (above the front wheel).

These mounting points can be used for an exclusive bag designed by the B'Twin teams:

our 25L front bag (ref: 8735484). It can be clipped on and taken off with 1 hand in 1 second.

As it sits on the frame, you won't notice its weight and the bike will remain stable.

You'll be able to control your bike as normal.

/!\ When your bag is full, you won't be able to lift up the front wheel to mount pavements.

Incredible: unfolds in just 1 motion and 1 SECOND! And easy to fold too!

We want to make your transitions quick, smooth and easy with a simple folding and unfolding system.


Incredible, in just 1 motion and 1 SECOND!

There's no need to touch the hinges at this stage thanks to the patented automatic locking system that's exclusive to Decathlon.


The easy-to-locate levers make the hinges simple to operate.

The chunky levers have rounded edges so that they're comfortable to grasp.

Maintenance / repair advice

Scan the QR code on your bike's frame or visit Decathlon's support website to find all our tips and tutorials on looking after and repairing your bike.


/!\ It's important to always look to make sure the hinges on your frame and stem are locked in place before you ride.

This bike should not be used for stunts, mountain biking or BMXing.


When you're cycling:

The seamless foam saddle keeps you comfortable.

When you're walking / on public transport:

The ergonomic saddle under the saddle has two functions.

- It makes the bike easier to carry when completely folded. The saddle swivels to face backwards to keep the bike evenly balanced when you're carrying it.

- You can use the handle to hold the bike and push it along when folded. Simply leave the seat post raised.

Seat post

- Made from aluminium, with a diameter of 34.9 mm.

- Marked so that you instantly know exactly where to set it to each time for the most efficient ride.

- Automatically rotates as you lower it. It's guided by 1 brass screw and 1 groove. The saddle swivels to face backwards to keep the bike evenly balanced when you're carrying it.

- Turns into a stand when you lower it fully so that the bike remains stable once folded.

Special accessories that are compatible with the Fold Light 1"

- The 16" protective cover (ref: 8610451):

can be used to cover your bike when transporting it (Eurostar, car, train, etc.). The cover comes in a zip-up pouch that you can attach to the underside of your bike's frame.

- 25L front bag for folding bikes (ref: 8735484) :

for carrying all of your belongings. Clips onto the front of the bike's frame in 1 second.

- smartphone holder (ref: 8595221) :

clips onto the bracket on the handlebar.

Stem / Handlebar


- aluminium

- folding thanks to a patented system of hinges that automatically lock in 1 second

- height can't be adjusted


- aluminium

- 22.2 mm diameter

- 560 mm wide

The bike rolls when folded

YES, the Fold Light 1" rolls along nicely when folded!

You only need to carry it when absolutely necessary. In other words, when you come across a staircase or need to put it in a train luggage rack or car boot.

The rest of the time, you can easily move it by simply pushing it along, even when folded.

Leave the seatpost in its raised position and use one hand to steer it anywhere, even in busy pedestrian zones (e.g. stations and shops).

The story behind the design

​To help them tackle this technical challenge, our design team turned to the experts at the Decathlon Sports Lab R&D centre in Lille, France.

This network of ergonomists, human science engineers and human body specialists helped us to find the best possible ergonomic set-up for:

- carrying

- steering

- posture

We carried out numerous tests (perception, use, fatigue) in the lab and in real-life conditions.

Tyres and inner tubes

Tyres- Schwalbe Marathon Racer.

Size 16 x 1.50.

- Light and precise, with good puncture protection to suit intensive users.

- Reflective bands on the sidewalls to make you more visible from the sides at night.

Inner tube: - Schwalbe for excellent durability.

- Large Schrader valve.


We recommend inflating your tyres to 6 bar to reduce the risk of punctures and to make your pedalling more efficient.

USB rechargeable front and rear lights

USB front light:

- 5-hour battery life.

- 10 lux for seeing and being seen.

- Clips onto a special bracket in the centre of the handlebar.

USB rear light:

- 6-hour battery life.

- 5.4 lumens.

- Clips onto the seat clamp. It's positioned nice and high so that you're really visible.

These lights comply with the French highway code and with German standards.

The dual port micro USB cable is supplied with the bike

User height and maximum load

One frame size only.

This bike's geometry is comfortable for cyclists between 1.45 and 1.95 m tall.

This bike complies with the requirements of standard ISO 4210.

The maximum load it can take is 100 kg (bike + user + luggage). Above this weight, the warranty no longer applies.

What is the QR code on the bike's frame for?

The QR code opens the door to a comprehensive user experience.

Scan it to access all of the information you could possibly need about your bike and how to use it.

- 1 video tutorial on folding/unfolding the bike.

- the support website with maintenance and repair advice.

- the spare parts website.

- the shop selling compatible accessories.

- the link to our services and insurance offering.

- latest news and design stories

What makes us special

Our dream was to give you a superpower:

the power to instantly transform your bike!

After all, who hasn't ever wished they could switch from cyclist to pedestrian to passenger in just 1 second?

It's now totally possible thanks to the patented automatic locking hinges developed by our design team in Lille, France.

Your Fold Light 1 Second will adapt to your needs in an instant.

So your transitions will become a real pleasure!


16 inches.

Single-walled, machined rims. Reinforced single-sided hubs with sealed ball bearings (the same technology that we use on our road bikes).



Frame: 100.0% Aluminium

Tips for storage and maintenance

Restrictions on use

Not suitable for stunts, mountain biking or BMXing.


Parts guarantee

Lifetime warranty on the frame and stem (excl. hinge), rigid fork and handlebar.